whirlpool icemaker quit working

by Randy
(Cuero ,Texas, usa)

I have a whirlpoo1 gold 26 cu ft side by side with ice and water dispenser in the door. the ice resivior is located in the freezer door and it has optics to control the icemaker.

model# gs5shaxnl00
serial# sr3943044

I have purchased a complete new ice maker unit for it and installed it myself( easy onough ) took out old one and plugged in new one.
still no ice, been several days.
today I went through optics checks and the optics seem to have passeed all of the tests.

I have checked water inlet valve and it is also functioning, but still no ice !! does not even put water in ice maker. Tried jump wire test with new ice maker and no movement at all and no water fill. Is there anything else I can check before I call repairman. (switches, relays, wiring ect.). Is it possible new ice maker is defective. Could optics be bad and still pass all tests you discussed. There seems to be no power getting to ice maker (no humming or vibrating) at all. need help. Can I test to see if ice maker is getting electricity, and if so, how ??

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Hi Randy,

Replacement parts in WHIRLPOOL GS5SHAXNL00 Refrigerator

First and foremost check to see if the tube that feeds the icemaker water is clogged with ice and if so replace the water valve and remove the ice.
Yes, the optics can still be bad if they pass the test. Because they still have to send power to the icemaker.

You know it is not water valve or the icemaker correct? So that basically leaves the optics and the door switch. I don’t mention the door switch (maybe is should) simply because they rarely fail but on these refrigerators the door switch must work in order for the icemaker to get power. If the door switch turns the light on and off as it should I would think the optics are your problem.

This is assuming the temperature is ok in the freezer.

Testing for voltage on this model is tricky due to the optics you will be better off not trying to test for voltage.

I wouldn’t think you got a faulty icemaker but it is possible (very unlikely).

Thank you,

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Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your comments and advice it is appreciated, the water line is not blocked and the door switch does work fine. The temp is also ok!! Can I bypass the optics to see if the ice maker runs without optics ?? At least then I would know for sure !!

by: Shawn

If you know the water valve, icemaker and door switch are all fine the only thing left is the optics. I understand where you are coming from. I am sure there is a way to by-pass the optics but I don’t recommend it. I realize you just want to do that just for a test but if you were to leave it like that the ice bin would overflow with ice.

I feel like the optics are your problem unless you have some sort of a loose connection.

I don’t know what you did to eliminate the water valve but you can switch the wires and put the wire that goes to the water dispenser on the icemaker, then press the water dispenser switch. If water enters the icemaker when you do that you know the water valve is not bad.

by: Anonymous

that is exactly what i did.

Whirlpool Model GS5VHAXWAOO
by: Al

Having same problem as Randy I changed filter and get water from cold water dispenser but no ice being made. You mention about checking water line to ice maker but I do not see it. It must split off main H2o line?

No power
by: Anonymous

I am having the same issue. The modular ice maker test fine. The optics test fine. The disconnected the harness where is leave the bottom of the door and verified continuity in the power wires (blake/white and white) from the top to the bottom of the door and they appear to be open. The schematic shows only a plug at the bottom and plug at the top indicating the wires are broke? Any one else experience this?

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