Whirlpool dryer will not run

by Phil

Whirlpool dryer will not start, but there is a light clicking sound

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Hi Phil,

Most often a bad thermo fuse causes this. This is the first thing I would check. If that isn’t the problem then the door switch is the next thing to check. This page will help Whirlpool Dryer Not Running.

Thank you,

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Jan 11, 2011
Hope it is the thermo Thx
by: Phil/ Arlington Tx

Thanks Shawn, what threw me here was is light clicking sound that it's making when you hit the start button. Just noticed today that it doesn't have to be cycling to do so. Once you hit start, providing the door is shut the dial has zero power at controlling the noise. If you open the door it stops but once you close it,it starts again. You do not have to hit start unless you unplug it and plug it back in.

Jan 12, 2011
it tis it
by: Phil/ Arlington Tx

Many Thanks Shawn!

Jun 10, 2014
switch or thermal fuse
by: peg

so yours was the thermal fuse then? Mine just quit today, was fine early in day went to do another load and pushed button and - zip nadda nothing. when i push in the lil thing on the door, i hear the clicking up at the power button so don't think its the door switch. I was leaning towards the power switch - to replace it - now not sure

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