Whirlpool Dryer Goes Off Then On

by Donald

2001 Whirlpool Gas Dryer Model # LGR7648KQ0

Bought this Dryer in 2001 and only used for a year to put in storage. It came out of storage in Sept.2010 and handed it over to my daughter. Only thing done was replacing a new dryer belt and pulley. Then in Jan. 2011 dryer stopped working all together. Found a plastic grocery bag stuck in the dryer exhaust vent line (about 18ft long) attached to the garage wall. Replaced the thermal fuse then it worked fine. Now my daughter tells me that the dryer stops after about 7 seconds. It restarts on it's own after about 5 minutes and then shuts down after 7 seconds again. My son in-law told me that he replaced both coils,thermostats,glow ignitor and the thermal fuse. I visually looked at the inspection hole located on the lower left side on the front panel to see if the main flame would come on and nothing, except the glow ignitor did glow after once, right before it shut off. So that tells me the main flame did not light at all, possibly a gas valve or flame sensor problem or so? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Hi Donald,

When you say it shuts off after 7 seconds do you mean the whole dryer shuts off of just the heating part. The reason I ask is because everything you have told me you have checked or replace (except for the fuse) was related to the dryer heating.

If it is running for 7 seconds then cutting off then you need see if the motor is free to turn because this would sound like something hung in the motor or fan blade.

If it were heating for 7 seconds then I would say the coils are bad but you say they have all ready been replaced so the next thing is the operating thermostat. I hardly every see a operating thermostat fail but it sounds like it is bad in your case.

However if the flame isn’t lighting at all then I don’t think the thermostat is the problem. If the igniter is glowing then turning off but the flame will not light replace the gas valve. If the igniter is glowing but never turns off replace the heat sensor.

Thank you,

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Apr 06, 2011
Whirlpool dryer shuts down: Replying back
by: Donald

Hey Shawn,

Got your answer and it seems like the gas valve maybe the main culprit to this problem. The glow ignitor does go off after the intial start on the dryer. It does not sound like the glow ignitor because my son in-law had replaced it already. The only thing we did not replace was the gas sensor and gas valve. I do appreciate your assistance in this matter. I will respond whenever my son in-law gets the new gas valve (part # 8318277) which cost $104.47 from the Sears Parts and Repair Center.

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