Whirlpool clothes washer noisy when filling with water

by maria

Model #LSR8244EZ1 is making noise when tub is filling with water no matter if it's cold, hot, warm. Also, very little water comes out on cold, but warm and hot come out normal, but it is still noisy - like a train coming through, like a roar - weird noise. Thanks for your help.

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Hi Maria,

Since the water valve is the only thing that is activated during fill it has got to be the valve. Sometimes valves get noisy when the strainers are clogged and the valve is not getting enough water pressure. But you are saying it is noisy when it is filling on hot, which fills fine. I suggest removing the fill hoses (hoses that connect to the wall) and replacing or cleaning the little strainers inside them. Also there is a strainer in the connector of the valve, clean it. It is ok to remove the strainers to clean them but do not leave them out because they are to protect the valve. If trash gets into the valve it can stick and flood your house.

If cleaning the strainers doesn’t correct the problem replace the water valve.


Thank you,

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cleaned out water inlet valve
by: maria

Shawn, thanks for your quick response. We cleaned out the inlet valve and it is not making the noise anymore; however, is it still the inlet valve since the cold water is barely dripping when filling the tub? Only hot water is coming out. Even the cold/warm temp is coming out hot, but they are coming out normal (not dripping).

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