Whirlpool 840 Series Dishwasher (5 yrs old) Pump Housing leaking

by Blane McMillan
(Ponte Vedra, FL)

First let me say this is an awesome website. You've already helped me diagnose my icemaker issue.

Now to my dishwasher. I've isolated the leak to the pump housing. I've removed the housing and motor assembly from the dishwasher and was hoping to be able to replace just the pump housing.

I can't quite figure out how to remove the pump housing unit from the motor.

There are three screws that attach the two together (those were obvious), but how do I detach the motor shaft from the housing?

I'm sure it is rusted on some, but is there a special procedure to remove it? I see the little medal clip on the shaft near the base of the motor, but there's got to be more.

You can't exactly pry on it too much without risking damage to the motor disk.

Is it possible to replace just the pump housing, or do you recommend buying the motor/pump as a complete assembly? I was hoping to go the budget friendly route, but I'll do what I need to do.

For reference, the housing is part # 3369011 and the motor is 8283457.

Thanks so much for your time. -Blane

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Hi Blane,

Unless you actually see a crack in the housing I believe the leak will be due to a bad seal. Typically for Whirlpool you can seal kits that include all the seals in the pump then you go in from the top and replace each seal. I am not sure about this pump without a model number.

In regards to your question once you get the screws loose it is just a matter of getting the motor out of the housing. The seals hold the motor in that I am referring to which are inside the pump housing. Also there is a pump impeller attached to the motor shaft inside the pump housing that will have to be removed from the topside.

Thank you,

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Removing impeller
by: Anonymous

The problem that remains is how to remove the impeller, which is probably the real question the original poster had.

Here is the same question on another forum:


The only thing I can think is that I need a wheel puller to get the top part off (which looks like a circular magnet), but if I'm wrong that's going to be very destructive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Model number
by: Shawn

Please give your model number and I will try to help.

by: Anonymous

The model numbers were all the same as the original poster. Sorry if that wasn't clear enough.

In the end, it doesn't matter. I found a site that essentially said the fix if it was frozen was to break off the impeller, which I did. Good thing I did, too, because it was so stuck that I had to chip the entire thing off in little pieces. Even with the end cap removed there was *no* way it was going to slide off.

This is what I was working with --


Thanks for the offer of help. :)


by: Shawn

I am glad you got it fixed!

I didn’t know what you were working on. The first poster didn’t leave a model number either. Your model number seems to be DU890SWKQ0.

Now that I see the breakdown I agree you would have to break that impellor off.

Good Job!

How do you remove the end cap to get the motor off the pump housing?
by: Bob

I don't agree about having to break the impeller off. Especially if it's not siezed up. I took the motor and pump housing off of my brother's dishwasher tonight and have the same problem. I do not know how to remove the brass end cap at the end of the motor shaft that holds the impeller on. I believe that is what the original poster has been asking. How do you remove the end cap? There are no screws, allen nuts, bolts or anything. Do you need a puller and if so, which exact tool do you need? Don't have a model number, but it is the same exact PART number as the original poster.

more info
by: Anonymous

The end cap you can just pull off with a pair of plyers. I used vise grips, but they were very lightly gripping and clearly not enough to squeeze the cap.

What happens is water gets along the shaft of the motor and the impeller and seizes up. Maybe yours isn't seized; it's worth trying to pull off. But be prepared to chip it off with a chisel or a straight-slot screwdriver. It's not expensive so it's not worth the hassle.

Good luck!

Parts arrived
by: Anonymous

So, my parts arrived today. I've never been so annoyed to get more than I paid for. If you get part #4386996, you get the impeller, "seat seal," and "seal head" all in one package (unlike in the schematic I saw and linked above), for $17 and change. So go ahead and break the thing apart and save yourself the trouble.


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