Whirlpool 4404/5 Fills but doesnt run

by Sarah
(Wales UK)

Hi there, my dishwasher has been playing up on and off but now I cannot get it to work. After pressing start the dishwasher fills and sounds like its going to start but then it stops and I can hear a buzzing. If left I can smell a burning smell. The dishwasher empties by holding start down, but despite using all the different settings it will do the same on all. Ive cleaned everywhere I can access and still no joy. Any suggestions?

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Hi Sarah,

It sounds like the motor/pump is hung. There could be something hung in the impeller or the motor bearing could be hung. You will have to take the pump apart from the inside to access the impeller to see if there is something hung. If you give me the model number (number you gave is not model number) I can help more.

Thank you,

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by: Sarah

The model is ADP 4404/5, im assuming the motor is under the plate on the bottom of the machine? Thanks for any help you can give!

Model number?
by: Shawn/admin

That model number just will not come up. You should find the model number in the door jam of the dishwasher. Not on the door but where the door closes to on the left hand side.

Model Number
by: Sarah

Hi there

That is the only model number on the appliance, this link shows you which one it is.


Thanks again for any help you can give


by: Shawn

Sorry now I see that you did give the correct model number however none of the parts websites I use have it listed not even Sears which is odd because they generally have most every model you can imagine. To be honest I don’t know anything about this particular model. The fact that it hums indicates to me that the pump motor is trying to turn but can’t. This is common on dishwashers and sometimes when you turn it by hand it will free up and go back to work. Other times there will be something stuck in the impeller. Some models you can access the motor from the bottom to turn it by hand and others you will have to go in from the top. Be sure to disconnect the power before attempting to turn the motor or free the impeller.

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