Water line broke on GE side-by-side refrigerator

by Margot

The water line to the water dispenser became very brittle and broke. This happened in the back of the refrigerator where the pump is. We cannot figure out how to replace the hose line that goes right up into the refrigerator wall. How do we get the back of the refrigerator off to access the broken hose so we can replace it? The model number is GSH25KGMB BB, serial number PA246995. Thank you. Margot

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Hi Margot,

Sometimes the line is still long enough to reconnect but you have to make sure you cut the line past the brittle portion of the line. However I assume in your case the line isn’t long enough to reconnect. What you will have to end up doing is replacing the water reservoir. The water reservoir is located in the fresh food section behind the vegetable bins. The reservoir will come with enough line to reach the freezer door and the water valve.


Once you get the reservoir…

Unplug the refrigerator. Remove the old reservoir by removing the bottom toe plate (grill) and disconnect the water line at the door. Then pull the line up into the fresh food section to remove the reservoir. Get something (about 10 inches tall or so) that the refrigerator can sit on. Lean the refrigerator over and slide it under the edge of the refrigerator so you have room to work. Feed both lines from the new reservoir through the holes under the refrigerator. Reach under the refrigerator and pull the lines until all the slack is out. One of the lines will be long enough to feed to the door connector and the other will go to the water line. If you can, leave some slack at the valve just in case this happens again. Also there should be a heat shield on the line near the valve make sure you reinstall it.

Thank you,

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