Water dispenser problem

by sidney terrell
(Mays Landing, NJ )

water dispenser on my GE Refrigerator will not dispense water however is dripping into the tray below.

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Hi Sidney,

I need the model number because some models have particular problems. All of which are covered by one of these pages

Refrigerator Water Dispenser Repair

If your refrigerator is less than 8 years old you should read this page first

GE Water Dispenser Repair

Regardless of the model it can be a frozen line, a bad water valve or an electrical problem such as a bad switch or loose connection. The newer models are bad about the line freezing in the door and the older models will often freeze the water reservoir. The newer models will also freeze the water reservoir if there is an airflow problem such as ice blocking airflow or the freezer fan may not be running correctly.

Driping in the tray indicates a bad water valve or air in the line. If the water reservoir is leaking water you can get air in the line which can cause the dripping and it will take a lot longer for water to start dispensing which can make you think the dispenser isn’t working. Note that if this is the case you will be seeing a leak in the floor if you try to dispense often.

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water dispenser line solution
by: Anonymous

The real problem is the insulation for the water tube that travels up inside the freezer door becomes compromised over a few years. It eventually becomes saturated over time and then allows the line to freeze so water cannot dispense. GE knows the problem but won't fix it or offer recall. The solution is installing a small heater in the freezer door. GE sells the kit. Cost is somewhere between $125-$200 installed. We are paid a local appliance guy, but just learned the part is available on Amazon for about $30. The other option is buying a new freezer door at about $500.

Frozen Water Line Issue
by: Shawn/admin

Yes, that could have been the original posters problem which was covered on one of the links I left at the top of the page. (We don't know because there is no model number).

Yes, the heater sells for about $40 retail and most servicers will charge $75-$150 (depending on location) to come do a job like that so $125-$200 isn’t a bad price remember you pay servicers for what they know not what they do. Also remember he most likely spent 30 minutes on the road and 30 minutes in your house so you are paying him for an hour at the very least.

Lastly I don’t totally agree with you saying GE should issue a recall or pay for the repair although I see where you are coming from. This is a design flaw but a lot of times these refrigerators will be 3-4 years old before they freeze the line. Therefore it is really no difference if a $40 part went bad after 3-4 years (which wouldn’t be cause for recall) then having to add a heater after 3-4 years. The warranty is one year and after that you are responsible for up-keep.

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