Water Dispenser Line in Freezer Door Broken/Loose

by Andrew
(Newcastle, Australia)

We have a GE model TFG27PFXa. The water line going into the freezer door comes out - it looks like it either has broken off inside the door (about 2 inches in) or, if it somehow seals inside the door, it has come loose. Any ideas on how to fix this? I bought the fridge second hand and someone has tried to seal it from the bottom of the door with silicon, but this does not work.

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Hi Andrew,

Replacement parts in General Electric TFG27PFXAWW Refrigerator

You will have to replace the water line up inside the door. Take the door off by removing the screws on the hinges. Once done, lay the door flat on the floor with inside facing upward. Remove the screws that hold the door gasket on. Remove the door gasket and carefully place it somewhere that it will not get bent, crimped or stepped on. Separate the inner door liner from the door. Once done you should see the water line. Replace it and reassemble. Here is a link to the line I am talking about.


I hope this helps!!

Thank you,

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Water line is solid part of door
by: Anonymous

Hi Shawn

I have taken the door off and the inner shell to reveal a solid foam lining that the water line must be in. Can't see the water line at all, and the entry point thru the bottom of the door goes straight into the solid foam.

Any suggestions?

Thanks Andrew

by: Andrew

HI again

I took the foam off the back of the water and ice outlet in the door and the fed the tubing down through a hole in the base of outlet, then trhough the solid door until it appeared out the bottom. All fixed. Thanks so much for you help.


Different Model
by: Todd

I have the same problem, except my model is a
GE- GSH25JSTASS, by looking at the parts diagram and removing the seal I do not see anyway to remove the inner door panel. There has to be a way to get to this water line. Please help. Thanks, Todd

Line browk also but no screws under seal
by: Bob

I have model GSH25JFTA WW that the line was broke during a move. I am not able to find a way in to replace the line. Any ideas?

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