Washer works fine but leaves brown deposits on clothes

by Thomas Whitaker
(Houston, Tx)

Frigidaire Electrolux model GLTF1670ASO Front-loader, Hi-efficiency.
Suspect oil or grease seal on main bearing. Does it have a grease or oil lubricated bearing with a seal that can leak into tub? I called a parts store, and was told the bearing is sold as 1 unit with the entire back shelf; i.e. the bearing/seal isn't replaceable. I found a broken shock-strut and will replace it today after purchase.

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Hi Thomas,

Replacement parts in Motor/tub section of FRIGIDAIRE GLTF1670AS1 Frigidaire/washer

There isn’t any grease to speak of in this machine. I would look at the front rubber boot that seals the front door. Rub you hand around the front boot and see if you get any of the brown stuff off the boot.

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I can’t imagine the bearing leaking grease into the tub but it could be.

Thank you,

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brown spots left on clothes
by: Tom Whitaker

I found a broken support shock-strut and replaced both shocks, then removed the front boot and cleaned it and the front of the tub where the boot rides. Then I re-assembled it and put it through 2 cleaning cycles with Affresh. Washed 2 loads with no problems until we did a towel load, then the problem returned. Another cycle with Affresh, then another load of laundry and no problem. next load of towels the problem returned. Is my washer suddenly allergic to towels? We've had these appliances for 5 years with no trouble at all until now. "Factory help Line" is of no use at all, no-one I could talk to new anything, no techs available. Appliance repair shops- Same thing.

by: Shawn

I am not sure I can help you any more than they can. I can’t imagine this problem being in the rear bearing but I may be wrong.

I have seen the boots break down (so to speak) to where when it gets wet it starts to come apart in very fine pieces. Since your boot is black it may get on the clothes and look like grease. Look into this because I feel like it is more likely than the rear bearing.

Is there any chance the spots are coming from the dryer? Sometimes the dryer will leave brown spots on the clothes when the felt wears out. Check to be sure (if you haven’t already done so) if the spots are on the clothes before or after the dryer cycle.

I hope this help!

Grease Spots on Clothes
by: Anonymous

It's the rear bearing. I have the same problem and I had to replace the whole shell with the bearing pressed in it. Pricey to replace. Over $200.

front load washer bearing problem
by: Anonymous

The Chinese made seal on the trunnion fails and the bearing grease ends up migrating to the washer tub, cratering the bearings, staining your clothes..the very expensive fix (new rear half of tub) $250 plus shipping, plus labor..to fix...this is not really necessary as bearings and new improved seals are available from suppliers on ebay now....this posted on 7/17/2013

home ec major
by: Anonymous

Use bar soap like dial on brown marks wet, rub soap rub rinse, repeat if needed also works to remove makeup on white wash cloths.

Poor design
by: Completely Frustrated

So why are these front loaders still being sold? I have the exact same story, just a few years later. I lost clothes to this same, random rust colored stain. I tried all of the same remedies to no avail. I even took the boot off the front and washed all of the brown gunk off yet two loads later the stains came back with a vengeance. Have you looked at the nice, shiny metal drum which you have probably cleaned by hand a few times now? Well that's not the problem. The problem is on the other side of the metal drum that you can't see or reach along with what is collecting, growing around the drain which you also can't see or reach. This area is all in a very moist environment for long periods of time. I had a similar experience with a poorly installed dishwasher. The drain hose was positioned in a way that left standing water in the hose after the washer was done. We tried everything to resolve the foul smell and excessive mildew in the kitchen sink drain. Long story short, we finally repositioned the hose so there could be no standing water to create the moist environment and the problem went away. With the these front loaders the solution won't be that easy because the moist environment is part of the internal design that can't be accessed. Even though I can't afford it, I will be shopping tomorrow for a new top loader. My old one was still working great when I replaced it with this fad.

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