washer wont spin

ge wpsq3120t2aa top load washer will not spin while full (with water,clothes or both) but will spin while empty.

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Replacement parts in General Electric WPSQ3120T2AA Washer

Typically what will happen is the tub seal will leak and the bearing in the transmission fail and the belt will get wet making matters worse.

Take the front off the washer and start a cycle. Look where the transmission enters the tub and if at anytime during the cycle you see one drop of water leak from there the transmission and tub seal will have to be replaced. Keep in mind that it only takes one or two drops per load to cause the transmission to fail. Also typically when this happens the washer will make a very loud roaring noise when spinning (if you can get it to spin).

If you don’t see a leak look for signs that it may have been leaking. When the tub seal leaks, it leaks onto the transmission then it slings the greasy water onto the side of the washer case. If this has been happing you should see greasy stain on the side of the case of the washer.

Depending on how long this has been going on the belt and/or the clutch may have to be replaced along with the transmission but usually the transmission alone will repair it.

If you don’t see a leak or any sigh of a leak, the problem could be a worn belt or clutch. It is hard to say which one so start with the belt and if that doesn’t work try the clutch. It is not very common for the belt or the clutch to fail unless the tub seal is leaking but it does happen from time to time.

If the transmission is the problem and you decide to replace this page will help GE Washer Disassembly

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by: Anonymous

Thanks shawn I took the front panel off like u suggested and I notice that the drain pump is not spinning if I give it a tap it will spin and the water will drain then once the water drains the machine will spin thanks again

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