Washer won't spin or agitate.

by Mic

GE washier Model WJSR1070A1WW, will not agitate or spin, but fills with water and drains just fine. It's about 10 years old and yes I do understand that is very old. But, I have had it for so long and I hate to replace it.So, I opened up the bottom becouse my fist thought was that it was the belt, but its fine. Then I thought the lid my not be closing, but when I checked it the little plastic piece was intact and i could clearly hear the clicking sound it makes when closing. So now the only thing I can think of is the the clutch which I have no clue how to repair. I was hoping for some other ideas of what it could be before I have to learn how to completely disassemble a washier.

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Hi Mic,

Replacement parts in General Electric WJSR1070A1WW Washer

First off you need to know if the motor is running or trying to run. If you can hear or see the motor running but it will not run then the clutch is very likely. If the motor is running but the belt is not turning then the clutch is slipping. This doesn’t necessarily mean the clutch is bad. The clutch will slip if the transmission is locked. What you need to do is attempt to turn the big pulley on the transmission by hand. If it will turn freely both ways then the transmission should be ok. If it seems ok and the belt is good replace the clutch.

If the motor isn’t running then the problem is electrical. Hearing the lid switch click doesn’t necessarily mean the switch is ok. The only way to know for sure is to check it with an ohmmeter.

If the lid switch is ok then basically the only thing is the timer and the motor. On some models it was common for the wiring harness on the motor would burn due to a loose connection. Unplug the motor and look at the harness and if it is burnt you will have to replace the harness and the motor. You could possibly get by with just the harness but it is likely it will happen again if the motor is not replaced.

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