Washer won't finish cycle

by Carlo
(Windsor, On, Canada)

I have a LG WM2432HW front load washing machine.

My brother bought the washer about 2 or 3 years ago so I don't know the exact age of the washer.

My brother paid $25 for the washer because it was not working. The bearing in the back of the unit needed to be replaced. My brother gave me the washer and I replaced the bearing.
I ran a wash cycle with no clothes in the machine and it ran just fine...no issues at all.
I then ran it with some clothes in it and it sounded awful when the spin cycle was running. The next day I leveled the washing machine as best as I could and everything seemed to be fine again, the machine sounded just fine when it was on the spin cycle. The next time I used the washer the washing cycle would not finish, it would stop between the rince and spin cycle and the time remaining would just stay at 19 minutes. You could hear water being added and then drained approximately every 45 seconds and it would just keep doing that.
I tried unplugging the washer for a few minutes then tried again only to have the same thing happen. I tried many times and each time it would get stuck with 19 minutes remaining. Then the one time when it was running it was stuck between the cycles for a few minutes and at the time I was cleaning some things in my laundry tub which is right next to the washer and I happened to be leaning on the side of the washer on my elbow and sure enough the washer started running again. I don't know if it has something to do with the leveling or if it was just a big coincidence that when I was leaning on the machine it started working again? I tried lowering the adjusting feet a touch to see if that helped but it did not it still gets stuck between the rinse and spin cycle. I tried leaning on the machine again while its running but it doesnt seem to make it work.
I don't know what else to try?

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Hi Carlo,

I was able to find a Service manual for your washer. There is two things I would test one is the water level frequency and the other is the spin cycle. There is a section that tells how to test the water level frequency. When you do this it most likely will not mean anything to you unless you scroll down to the troubleshooting section and read about spin problems. All the water level frequency test will do is tell you what the frequency is at the time of testing but all it is going to give you is a number so you have to know what the number should be and that is in the spin problem section of troubleshooting.

Thank you,

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by: Carlo

I lowered the front of the washer using the leveling feet yesterday after my initial post and sure enough the washer made it through 2 cycles without issue. The machine is not perfectly level but it is still very close.

I checked the water frequency and spin as you suggested.
The spin worked fine and the water frequency is measuring 255, it's supposed to be at least 248.

I ran through the QC test mode and did notice a couple things though.
First off, the washer makes a "knocking" type noise when spinning at high speed and secondly, when the I got to the 7th step of the test where the inlet valve for the softener turns on the water actually came out of the bleach compartment and when I got to the 8th step where the inlet valve for the bleach turns on the water came out of the softener compartment.
I'm not sure if the something is labelled incorrectly or if it actually is backwards. According to the labels on the machine the bleach compartment is just one big opening while the softener has several holes as well as a big opening

by: Shawn


You say the water is simply coming in and draining then it may be siphoning out. Do you know if the drain pump was running when it was doing this? If the pump motor wasn’t running then you got a siphoning condition. These are things that will cause a siphoning condition

1. The drainpipe to your house may be too low and you either need to extend the pipe up above the top of the tub or run the drain hose from your washer up high.

2. Someone may have taped the drain hose from the washer to the drainpipe to your house to stop the water from backing up. To fix this either clean out the drainpipe to your house and remove the tape or install a siphon break, part number 201112.

3. If the drain hose from your washer is pushed down the drainpipe too far, this will also cause the same problem. To fix it just pull it out to within about 6 inches of the end of the drainpipe.

If the pump is working then I feel like it is going to be the water level control or the main board.

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