Washer wont do anything

by craig
(gr Mi)

I have a maytag washer that it wont do anything. I checked for power and i am getting power all the way to the timer, but nothing happens.

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I am sorry I don’t know what happen. I was answering questions in a hurry on my lunch break. I belive I pasted some eles answer on your question.

The most common thing that will cause this is the lid switch. Even if you have power coming to the timer the lid switch on most Maytag washers have multiple wires and multiple switches and you may get voltage reading at the timer especially if you are checking to ground. Give me your model number and I can most likely find a wiring diagram. Also tell me where you get the voltage readings. I have seen a lot of timer problems with Maytag as well.

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follow up
by: Dave

The washing machine is Model: LLR6144AQ0

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