Washer Wont Do Anything At All

by Veronica
(Alberta, Canada)

My Maytag A310 won't turn on, or fill with water, or do anything it's acting like it's not plugged in when it is.....

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Hi Veronica,

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This is more than likely going to be the lid switch. Unplug the washer and take the back off the control panel. You should be able to see the switch. The open and close the lid to see if the actuator is hitting the switch. If not there is a spring on the lid switch actuator that may be broken.

If the actuator then the lid switch is making the switch is most likely the problem. You can check it with an ohmmeter. This page will help with using the ohmmeter How To Use An Ohmmeter

Thank you,

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Maytag hav2557aww won't turn on
by: Steve

Hi Shawn,

Came to your site doing a search for some help with my washer. Google found your page about another washer that won't turn on. You advised that person to take of the rear control panel and check the actuator switch, but that was a different model so I'm not sure if I'd need to do the same. When I open the lid I can see the actuator switch and it does click if I depress it and release it. Any advise? It's currently full of laundry and water, as it stopped at the spin cycle. :-/


by: Shawn

The lid switch is the first thing to check if the washer will not make any noise at all. But just because it clicks don’t mean it is ok, you will have to test it with an ohmmeter to confirm if it is good or bad.

If the washer is making noise but just will not pump out then the belt is the first thing to check.

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