Washer won't agitate or spin.

by Orlando
(Miami, FL)

GE Adora front loader model # WCVH6800JWW. 3 years old. Built in diagnostics pointed to bad motor, raplaced motor and still did not work. Reading forum, door swicth is a possibility as is a fuse but have not been able to find the location of the fuse. Need help in locating fuse for checking it before moving on with repair. i am also wondering if the inverter could be the problem but I really would like to check this fuse before continuing further.

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Hi Orlando,

Your model doesn’t have a fuse. The door lock, the inverter or the control is bad. Can you tell me what error codes you saw when you done the diagnostics.

Thank you,

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Washer will not agitate or spin
by: Anonymous

Shawn, the model # is actually WHDVH626FWW. The one in the post is what I will replace the current washer with. My apologies.

When i first ran the diagnostic I had an error code but i neglected to copy it. I cleared the code and have not had one since. All other diagnostics do as is described in tech manual.t10,t11, and t14 are the ones that yield two beeps and no motor action. I performed a 120v check at the plug from the control to the inverter and have 17-20v. This leads me to believe the control board is the culprit. I ordered the control board and will post results once I recieve/install same. The door switch shows locked when powering up the washer so I have not checked it yet, even though that would be the most inexpensive part to replace. Thanks for your reply.

Control Board
by: Shawn

If you preformed the 120-voltage test when you done one of the three diagnostic test then I believe you are correct about the control board being bad. Because you should have been getting voltage there if the control board was doing its job. Let us know how it turns out.

Thank you,


I still say you don't have a fuse.

by: Orlando

Control board did not fix. Suspect it needs some sort of valid signal from inverter to control board before control board sends 120v back to inverter. My first clue should have been at diagnostic t03 where I should have seen a software version, I saw dashes. I replaced inverter, ran diagnostics and my washer is now good as new. I am off to return the motor and control board. Thanks for hosting this page!

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