washer will not spin

my GE Profile washing machine fills up and drains but does not spin, the motor hums, but it does spin with no water, i do not know how old it is

serial # gz139048g

model # wpsr3120w2ww

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Start a load and remove the front of the washer so you can see what is going on. You will have to load it and fill it with water for a full load of wet clothes. While it is filling and washing look to see if the tub seal is leaking. If the tub seal is leaking it will be leaking where the tub and the transmission meet. If this is the case you know for sure you will have to replace the transmission and the tub seal. The tub seal comes with the transmission. GE Washer Disassembly

Regardless of what you see still watch it during spin. What you need to know is if the clutch is spinning or slipping and if the belt is slipping. The clutch is the device on the motor shaft that the belt connects to. If the clutch is slipping you will have to replace the clutch. If the belt is what is slipping, replace the belt.

The reason I say look at the tub seal is because often when the tub seal leaks water will run down onto the belt, which can cause the belt or the clutch to fail. So if you simply just replace the belt or clutch the leak will cause the problem again.

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found out
by: jody

i found out the the wash cycle is the thing that is not working the rinse cycle is fine, it hums while trying to wash

Agitator Coupling
by: Anonymous

The agitator coupling is most likely the problem. Reach down in the washer and try to turn the agitator by hand. If it will turn easily you have a bad agitator coupling. If not see if the large pulley on the bottom of the washer is turning when it should be washing and if so the transmission is bad.

cold water now
by: jody

it was the coupling thanks you guys, i was having a cold water problem before this problem, but my cold cold only dribbles but the rest of my settings work fine, i have checked the filters and they are clean, so wat could b the problem

Water Valve
by: Shawn

Assuming you have good water pressure coming to the washer the water valve is bad.

GE Washer not spinning heavy loads, burning smell
by: Kristin

Hi! My GE top load washer will not spin heavy loads and has a burning rubber smell. I want to try and fix it myself but don't know where to start. Any advice?

by: shawn


Check the belt. Sometimes the belt will do it and sometimes water or grease gets on the belt and causes it to fail. If this is the case you will have to figure out what is causing the water/grease leak.

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