Washer makes a loud noise when in the spin cycle

by Rod
(Germantown, MD)

I have a Kenmore washer (model # 110.20922990). When in the spin cycle, it starts making a loud hissing sound and then a loud thump is heard every few minutes. When I open the door to see if I can see anything, the tub abruptly stops. I believe my machine is a direct drive so I know it is not the belt. Please help.

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Hi Rod,

Noises can be tricky. In some cases a hissing noise is normal but if it is extreme there could be something wrong. There is a chance there is something stuck between the tub and the spin basket.

There could be something in the pump but it would most likely be noisy during wash as well.
Check to see if the spin basket or agitator seems loose.

It could have something to do with the spin tube.

The truth is, it is hard to say without being there. These models give very little noise problems so there isn’t a common (that happens often) thing I can tell you about.

You are correct there isn't a belt.

Thank you,

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Kenmore washer makes a loud noise when in the spin cycle
by: Rod

Shawn, thank you for responding.

Re the hissing sound, it does get louder and louder as the spinning goes faster (by then it sounds like rubber is rubbing against the agitator). I did remove the agitator (which had some worn out dog ears and I did replace), but I did not see anything wrong with it (how would I be able to tell if there is something wrong with it if it looks ok visually?). Also, I did remove the casing/cover/box off the machine to see inside......since I don't know much about appliance repair, I did not see anything out of the ordinary. How would I be able to get between the basket and the tub?

Kenmore washer makes a loud noise when in the spin cycle
by: Rod

Shawn, one thing I forgot to mention. When the spin cycle is going on (meaning, I have the door open and i manually push the button so the basket spins), if I put my hand over top of the agitator and gently push down, the noises completely stop. Could this mean it is the agitator?

Thanks, Shawn.

by: Shawn

You have to have a special tool to take the tub out. However I believe the problem is related to the agitator because of your last comment. I would have thought replacing the dogs would have solved this. Make sure the bolt that holds the agitator on it not loose. I had one that kept coming loose and I had to replace the agitator.

by: Rod

Shawn, yes, I made sure the bolts on the agitator were really tight when I placed it back......so it is not loose. The noise is driving me crazy. I have called around to get estimates to get if fix, but just for someone to come to the house to diagnose the problem is about $80.00. If I go with the repairs, this fee is applied to the total bill. My machine is old so I don't know if I should pay for someone to fix it or just get a new one.

by: Shawn

Since the noise stops when you grab the agitator I feel like this is going to be in the agitator. Just for kicks, try to turn the top of the agitator back and forth by hand with the washer off. If it will turn both ways then the dogs are bad or installed wrong. I know you replaced the dogs but it seems like the top of the agitator is turning during spin. If that isn’t the problem you may have to end up replacing the agitator.

problem found
by: Shawn

Shawn, I ended up calling a tech (could not take it anymore). Well, it turns out it is the transmission that is causing the problem. The tech wanted $300.00 to fix the problem, which I refused (I can almost buy a new one for that amount).

Anyhow, thank you so much for all of your input.


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