Washer Leaking

by RJ
(Tampa, Florida, USA)

GE Top Load Washer Model #WJRR4170G0WW. Less than 3 years old. Just had the mode shifter replaced, but now it is leaking around the mode shifter, following the shaft down to the asm the belt goes around and onto the bottom washer tray.

The repair man put some kind of silicone sealant around the top of the new tube seal and instructed not to use for 1 day. We did as he instructed, but it leaks despite the red silicone sealant he used.

It was just repaired 2 days ago, so what would cause this leak and how is it repaired? There shouldn't be an additional charge for this, right?

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Hi RJ,

The tub seal is leaking,

No sealant should ever be used on the tub seal.

Here is the thing, a new tub seal came with the mode sifter and should have been replaced. Either the tub seal wasn’t put in correctly or the tub is bad. I have replaced tub seals on this type washer before only to have it leak. In this case I have had to replace the tub to repair the washer.

This is rare but does happen sometimes and has happened to me. But this has only happened to me if the tub seal was leaking to start with which in this case I am assuming that it wasn’t. But just because it hasn’t happened to me doesn’t mean anything so you may need to replace the tub.

Like I said he may not have pressed the seal down all the way. I usually take something blunt that will not cut the seal and tap it down until it feels like it is down solid.

You will have to check your owner’s manual but the tub may be guaranteed (just the tub not labor) for at least 10 years if it needs to be replaced.

I don’t think there should be an extra charge if it especially if he just didn’t install the seal correctly. Everyone makes mistakes but I don’t think he should have tried to cover his up by putting sealant on it.

Now if the tub needs to be replaced I would say it would be fair for him to charge some but certainly not as much as the initial charge but that is just me. Keep in mind that if the tub is the problem he most likely did not cause it. But as I said if it is his mistake he shouldn’t charge anything at all.

Please keep us posted on what happens!

Thank you,

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sealant use on tub seals
by: Qualified Tech

If the water is coming down along the shaft then the new seal is defective. If it is coming from the tub the outer part of the seal did not seal properly and that could have been due to a bad tub (more common than most think) Sealant is mandatory by some companies due to water damage liability issues and if the technician was trying to cover up something, it is not because a technician tried to cover up anything.

Tub Seal
by: shawn

I don’t know why anyone would put sealant on this seal if not for the fact that it leaked when they put in the new seal. GE says not to put any kind of sealant or silicone on this seal. My guess is the tub is bad I have had it happen a few times. Its possible this tech had had it happen to him in the past and then started putting the sealant on the seal just in case. However, sealant is not supposed to be necessary so if you install a new seal and it still leaks you have another issue.

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