Washer fills won't agitate or spin neutral drains

Whirlpool washer year 2000 model LSR8233JQO ser #CK3778134. I came home to find the washer timer at "spin" with the rinse water still in the tub. The electical cord was very hot.

When I set the timer to a new cycle the washer will fill to the correct level, the timer then buzzes for about 10 seconds and shuts off. It will not agitate or spin or drain, but when I put the hose down into the sewer drain it will drain the water. There is no sound anywhere else when the timer buzzes. We did feel the motor and it was hot but that's it.

The timer connections check out ok with an ohmmeter; there is power going to the motor. The lid switch clicks as it does normally. This machine will operate on the fill and agitate cycles with the lid open, but it will only spin with the lid closed. There was no prior warning to this problem, the machine worked well, there was no leaking, the underneath is clean and dustfree like new.

How should I procede to troubleshoot this problem? What would cause the machine to just die in mid cycle? From some of the stuff I read on this site, could it be the tranny? My first thought was the timer, then the motor.

Hope you can help I'm very frustrated.

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From what you describe there is a good chance there is something hung in the water pump. This will hold the motor and not let it turn. When this happens the motor will hum for about 10 seconds and then stop because it will overheat. I have a feeling that is the noise you are hearing rather than the timer. It is either that or a bad motor.

You will have to remove the hoses from the pump and see if there is something hung in the pump. What water is in the tub will come out when you remove the hoses so you will have to remove the water first unless you have a crimp tool that will allow you to crimp the hoses so that water cannot pass.

If you can remove whatever is in the pump do so but on this pump I would replace the pump.

If there is nothing in the pump let me know and we will go from there.

Thank you,

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