Tub locking nut will not stay tightened

by Mark
(Syamore, Il)

My son has a GE washing machine model wjrr4170g1ww. Recently he started having trouble with the tub coming loose. We found that the nut that tightens the tub onto the shaft was loose. We tightened it as best we could, using channel locks but it continues to come loose. What should we do to get this nut to stay tight? Should we use lock-tight? I read the post from someone with a similar problem on another model. He used an impact wrench and you talked about torque settings. This nut is too far down a shaft to use an impact or a torque wrench. I did see that he used lock-tight but he doesn't say if it worked. Thanks for your help.

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Hi Mark,

GE makes a Spanner Wrench
icon(Click on link to view and/or order) that is used to remove and tighten this nut. I use this wrench along with a big hammer (2lb) to tighten this nut and have never had a problem with them coming back loose. I don’t see where lock-tight will hurt anything but I don’t think it is necessary if you get it good and tight. On the other hand like I said I it won’t hurt. That spanner wrench is expensive for a one-time use deal but I don’t know of anything else you can use. I don’t feel you would ever get it tight enough with a pair of channel-locks and a regular wrench is too long. I hope this helps! This page has a picture of me useing that spanner wrench GE Washer Disassembly

Thank you,

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Tub seems to have too much travel, left to right
by: Jim

I have a GE Model WCSR4170D5WW which has been driving me nuts lately.After the tub drains and the transmissions kicks in to spin the load and it starts to spin, the tub twists and the uneven load switch trips,stopping the spin, even if the load appears to be perfectly distributed. Could the suspension rods be the problem or (please don't say yes) is this do to a trans problem. If If I put my hand on the tub (from the front) when the tranny kicks it, the spin begins and works fine. HELP!! it's a real pain to take the front off and keep running into the laundry room every time I run out of underwear lol.

by: Shawn/admin

The first things I would try/look into are the damping straps. There are four rubber satraps at the top of the tub that prevent the tub from moving back and forth too much. Often they will break and can be causing your problem. The part number is WH1X2727.

If that isn’t the problem make sure the tub isn’t loose and if you may have to tighten the hub nut as talked about on this thread.

If that isn’t the problem you can try the suspension rods. I don’t think the transmission is causing your problem.

Loose tub nut
by: Tom

I have tighten the tub nut every 5 loads and it still comes loose. Using a cut down pipe wrench and a 2lb hammer
Also tried locktite this just makes it a pain the next time it's loose. This machine was less then a year old when this all started ! What a pile of junk GE never gets a $ from me again.

Hi Tom,

Order a new tub nut I think the new ones have ribs on the bottom of it to keep it from coming off.

Thank you,

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