Too much water going into tray

by sherry

Whirlpool #ED22DQXXN01

How do you turn down the amount of water going into the tray?

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Hi Sherry,

There is a little water level on the control on the side of the icemaker you have to take the front cover off the icemaker to access it. However I don’t recommend trying to adjust this if the icemaker is overflowing. This adjustment is just supposed to be for adjusting the size of the cubes, not for compensating for overflow.

The water valve is more than likely bad and needs replacing. The icemaker can cause this but I find that the water valve causes this a lot more often.

You can test this by following these steps.

Make a jumper wire by skinning a short piece of insulated wire about ½ inch on each end.

Locate the test holes on the front of the icemaker by removing the front cover.

Place one end of the jumper in the test hole L and the other in test hole V.

When this jumper is in place water will flow into the icemaker. When the water starts to flow remove the jumper wire. As soon as you remove the jumper the water should stop. If the water continues to run when you remove the jumper the water valve is bad. If not repeat the test several times. If the valve never fails to stop the water flow replace the icemaker.


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May 14, 2012
to much water everywhere
by: cara alston

not only do I have to much water over flowing tray it runs constantly with the lever in off position
The back of my freezer is 3" deep in Ice all the way down to second rack.cant pull fridge out(my husband crammed it in the space it sits )where is the valve to shut the water off?where are the water Lines?HELP!!!!!

May 14, 2012
by: Shawn/admin

Your water cut off could be anywhere such as behind the refrigerator, under the sink, under the house, maybe on the hot water heater or anywhere else the plumber decided to place the water cut off.

This problem is the water valve or the icemaker. If you unplug the icemaker (or the whole refrigerator) and the water continues to run then you know the valve is the issue. If the water stops when you disconnect power then the icemaker is likely the problem.

Once the problem is repaired you must remove all the ice, you may have to remove the back wall of the freezer to melt ice if any water ran into that area. If you don’t the ice may block airflow and cause your refrigerator to stop cooling.

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