tappan dishwasher model # tdb210rfs1

dishwasher comes on .water starts then makes a humming sound(electrical).it hums and then stops .it does this a couple of times.sounds like something is trying to come on.i put in a new water inlet valve and new float switch.(wasent getting water at first,but i do now)now what? chris

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Hi Chris,

Replacement parts in Tappan TDB210RFS1 Tappan/dishwasher

Sounds like the pump may be hung. Sometimes you can turn it by hand to get it going; only problem is you have to take the pump apart to get to the motor to turn it. What you are going to have to do is take the pump apart from the inside of the washer. Do whatever it takes so that you remember how the parts go back and in what order. Take pictures if you have to. Once you get in see if the motor is hung or something may be hung in the impeller. I have seen this on this type pump where the impeller would strip from the motor so all you would hear is the motor running but the impeller wouldn’t turn to pump water. Let us know what you find.

Thank you,

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tappan model#tdb210rfs1
by: chris

First off thanks for the information,was a big,big help.Turns out nothing was in the impeller, the pump was shot.I broke it loose but there was alot of grinding in the motor,so ill get a new one and try that.Thanks again for your help, hope you get paid well. Chris

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