Stand alone range, burners not working

by Ted
(San Antonio, TX)

Frigidaire flat top stand alone range Model: GLEF369DSJ.

Both burners on the left side have quit working.
One element quit working about a week before the other one went out. The range is about 2 yrs. old.

Before I buy two new burner elements, my question is: How do I know if the burners are defective or if it caused by something else (ie a switch or other electrical component)??????

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Hi Ted,

Here are your Replacement parts for FRIGIDAIRE GLEF369DSJ Frigidaire/range

If you have an ohmmeter this is how you can test to see which part to replace. Also you are going to have to treat them as separate problems because they didn’t go out at the same time.

Disconnect power from the range and remove the back cover off the control panel. On the back of the switch you will see terminals marked L1, L2, P, H1 and H2. Disconnect the H1 and H2 wires; these are the wires that go to the element/burner. Using your ohmmeter check for continuity between the two wires.

If it is open you have a bad element or broken wire. More than likely it is a bad element. If it does have continuity the switch is bad. Do this on both switches.

If the switches are bad make sure you connect the wires correctly per instructions and pay attention to which wires go where when disconnecting the old switch.

If you do not connect them correctly you may short out that switch and the one beside it. If the wires are long enough I wouldn’t unplug any of the wires off the old switch until the new on was in place, then unplug one at a time placing it on the correct terminal as you go.

I hope this helps!!

Thank you,

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MER6775BAF center ring does not heat
by: Harry

I have a smoothtop range MER6775BAF. The center of the triple ring does not heat although the two outer ones do and the outermost can be controlled by the rocker switch. I intended to follow your instructions for testing the H1 H2 leads, but this switch does not have them. Instead it has;
P1 red wire, P2 black, S2 blue (these three continue to the next switch), "2" red, "4" yellow and 4a orange/brown (this one goes to the rocker switch).
How do I do the testing?
Also which of the three infinity switches in AppliancePartsPros list is the correct one?

by: Shawn/admin

Hi Harry,

They aren’t very clear on which switch goes where on this model but I am almost sure the AP4099813 is the one you are looking for. You may want to call them first sometimes they have more info than what we see on the site.

This switch is a lot more complicated then the one I was talking about above. Your best bet is to check this unit directly at the unit. Without a wiring diagram I cannot tell you how to check this from the switch. If you access the unit itself you should be able to clearly see which terminals go to the center burner. Disconnect the wires off the unit and check for continuity across the terminals that lead to the center burner. However before you do all that you can look at the unit and typically if it is bad you will see it burned in two somewhere along the coil.

Be gentle with the unit because it is somewhat fragile without the glass top to protect it. You wouldn’t want to break if it is not already bad.

If the unit is ok replace the switch.

Thank you,

Thanks for the help
by: Harry

Hi Shawn,

I took the top off of the stove but could not see any way to remove the ceramic top itself (it is either set in a gasket or fixed with caulk). I did find circuit and wiring diagrams (they are very small and I had to scan them and enlarge on the the computer to be able to read them) this gave me the wire colors so I was able to do continuity tests and found the inner coil open. Ordered new element and fitted. Problem solved! When I removed the old element I found that the ceramic base had cracked in several places and the coil had broken at one of the cracks. The ceramic seemed to be very soft and crumbly.

Many thanks for your help. This is my second kitchen repair this summer, a few months ago the microwave failed, but with the help of your excellent video I got a new magnetron fitted - and a couple of powerful ceramic magnets for the grand-kids to play with!

I'll certainly be back to your site when the next appliance fails!


Glad to help!!
by: Shawn/admin

Nice Job!!

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