Samsung side by side model RS2545SH loud clicking sound

by Perk

I have a Samsung side by side model RS2545SH clicking sound and it all the sudden started making a continuous clicking noise comping from the in the door ice/water dispense. I tried to unplug the fridge to reset it and when I plug it in, the clicking returns and doesn't stop. I started troubleshooting the issue and when I took the back cover off at the bottom, I noticed that the fan blades are not turning either, they just turn about an 1/8 at a time in sequense with the clicking from the dispense. By the way, this is not a quiet click, but a very loud click from an actuator.

I was thinking I would need to replace the main PCB board but wanted a second opinion.

I haven't had any other issues with the fridge to date.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Perk,

I would think this is the main (pcb) board as well but I don’t work on Samsung appliances at all because my parts dealers do not carry parts for them. What I am getting at is I cannot give good advice about any Samsung appliances.


Thank you,

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Same here
by: Anonymous


Mine is doing the same exact thing. Did you ever replace the PCB and if so did that fix it.


Sorry I can't Help
by: Shawn/Admin

I hate to turn people away without an answer but I don't know anything about Samsung. Try this fourm there are a lot of good techs answering there Appliancpartspros Forum

RE: Same Here
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have not replaced the PCB board yet. I found it online for $73 and figured that would be my next step unless someone on this forum had something better to suggest.

It just seems like random issues and the main thing that they all go thru is the PCB. If nothing else I will order next week and let you know.

Common Problem
by: Shawn/Admin

This seems to be a very common problem it will be nice to know the solution, so if anyone repairs this problem please post the repair! It will help a lot of people in the future.

by: Anonymous

Ok thanks. I found one online for a bit cheaper around 53 bucks. I'm gonna order it soon ind see if that fixes it. I will keep you all posted.

by: Anonymous

Can you post the info of where you found the cheaper PCB board?

by: Anonymous

The price listed here is the cheapest I found but after reading some reviews I dont think im gonna order from them. Apparently they over charge for shipping.

This place is selling for $72.9

Can you recommend some one trust worthy. I have had some bad experinces ordering online and dont want to deal with the hassle.


Parts Store
by: Shawn/Admin

I highly recommend

Parts Store
by: Anonymous

Thanks much Shawn!

Replaced PCB Board
by: Anonymous

All - I replaced the PCB board last week and the fridge is as good as new. I got the board from for $72 plus shipping. It took about a week to get from Florida to Arizona but once I plugged in the new board, all the issues went away and the fridge has run like a champ for the last week.

How did you remove the contol panel to get access to the board
by: Anonymous

I also have the same problem. I ordered the panel board and not the main board by accident. How did you get the front control panel off so you could replace the main board or control board?


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