roper dryer RGD4440VQ start button will not stay in

by steve

roper dryer RGD4440VQ start button will not stay in when pushed as soon as I let go the dryer shuts off what part needs to be replaced?

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Hi Steve,

The start switch doesn’t stay in it is just a monetary switch. When you press the switch it makes a circuit that starts the motor then once the motor starts a centripetal switch in the motor takes over to make the circuit. Often when this happens it is simply dirty contacts in the motor switch. Sometimes you can blow out the motor with compressed air and vacuum it good to correct the problem.

Another thing is that if the motor does start and get up to speed before you let off the start switch it will cut back off. If something is hung in the blower or the tub is stuck. If this happens you will hear a humming noise that you may mistake for the motor running.

Thank you,

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