Roper Dryer not heating and timer will not cycle.

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The heating element stopped working and the timer quit at the same time ,yet the drum still tumbles. Are they related to the same problem?Roper dryer model rex5636aw1 serial#md4102696 Will replacing one or both fix the problem or is it something else effecting it?

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The timer will not advance if the heater is working on auto cycles. There are three things that will commonly cause the heater not to work, the heater itself is burned out or one of the two hi-limit thermostats is bad. Disconnect power and remove the back of the dryer. You will see the heater-can to the right with two thermostats. Remove the wires off the thermostats and heater and test for continuity across each component. If one of the thermostats is open replace both (they come in a kit). If the heater is open or grounded out replace the heater. The link on the right column of the page will help with using an ohmmeter. If you don’t have an ohmmeter you can remove the heater and visually inspect the heater, if it is bad it will be broken or it will be touching the metal of the heater-can. If the heater isn’t bad then more than likely the thermostats are bad. If the thermostats are bad check the vent because a clogged vent can cause this problem.

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