Replace microwave door

by Harley
(Morrison, CO)

I need to replace the microwave door or handle on a kenmore model 665.61601100 as the handle is cracked. I have a spare door with a good handle from an exact model that no longer works. I would like to know how to do the replacement. I removed the 3 screws from the left side of the door but did not seem to easily cause the cover to come off of the door.

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Hi Harley,

If you take the front griddle off I believe the door will lift straight off of the hinge pins. If not you may be better off just replacing the handle. To replace the handle you will have to take the first trim off of the inside door panel. Then there will be a metal frame that holds one of the glasses. If you can’t get to the screws you will have to take this metal frame out. Gently prize the metal frame away from the outside plastic housing. Don’t get too rough or you will break the plastic housing. It will be very similar to the one on this page
GE Microwave Handle Replacement

Thank you,

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