How To Repair Maytag Washer Agitators

This page will show you how to repair Maytag washer agitators on Newton Maytag top-loading washers with two belts. On these washers there is a clip that holds the agitator down. Sometimes this clip will break allowing the agitator to rise up. So when you fill the washer with water, the agitator will float and not agitate or at least not agitate well.

Note that this clip is only on later models with a white plastic cover at the top of the tub (if yours has the metal top this clip will be inside the transmission). So if you are having the same problem with the agitator lifting up skip to the part that talks about draining the transmission. Also note that this page is only about how to repair Maytag washer agitators with the new style transmission (cone shaped not flat) as shown below.

The bad part about this is that when the agitator comes up often it will allow water to enter the transmission. So in order to repair it you must drain the transmission and refill it with grease. To make matters worst, repairing the clip on the agitator requires a special tool. This is not a simple agitator repair, in fact you are not repairing the actual agitator, and you are repairing the transmission. This sounds like a big job and it is but I believe this washer is the best washer ever made and is worth fixing.

1. Remove the front panel (screws on each side) The front may also be held on with clips under the bottom front corners. Slide a screwdriver between the front and clip then you should be able to pull the front forward at the bottom. Once you pull the bottom out a foot or so the top clips should release.

2. Remove the two 3/8 screws pointing upward. This will allow you to lift the top up.

3. Remove the cover off the top of the outer tub (note as I mention before if this cover isn’t white skip to the transmission draining section).

4. Remove the agitator by removing the setscrew at the bottom. Note that once you remove the agitator pull up on the transmission shaft and if the shaft will not pull up the problem I am discussing on this page is not your problem. But if the agitator is rising up during wash be sure the setscrew is good and tight.

5. Remove the spanner nut (requires tool part number 22038313 and its left hand thread). This tool can be purchased at

6. Remove spin basket (inner tub) by lifting straight up and out.

7. Remove the (Torx20) setscrew in the mounting stem (the threaded stem that the spanner nut was on). Note that some older models had allen set-screws.

8. Remove the mounting stem using the same tool (part number 22038313) This part can be purchased at and it is also left-hand thread.

Once the mounting stem is removed you should see the clip (part number 22002340), remove it and install the new one. I also recommend changing the mounting stem (part number 22204012). This part can be purchased at

When you reinstall the spin basket make sure it is center. Meaning the gap between the spin basket and the tub should be the same all the way around. If this isn’t done the washer will spin off balance.

The rest of this page will discuss how to repair Maytag washer transmissions when water has entered them due to the agitator problem.

Once the clip is replaced you will need to drain the transmission because it is likely that water has entered the transmission. You will need RTV silicone gasket maker to make a new gasket for the transmission cover. To drain the transmission, follow these steps.

1. Lay the washer on its back.

2. Rotate the transmission so that the cover is facing straight up.

3. Take a large trash bag, open it up and place it under the transmission so that it will catch the grease.

4. Remove the cover by removing the bolts. Once the bolts are removed you must break the gasket to remove the cover.

5. Rotate the transmission slowly to pour the grease into the trash bag.

6. Leave the transmission upside down to drain into the bag for a few minutes.

7. Turn the transmission back up. At this point you should be able to see the metal clip that holds the agitator down if you have an older model.

8. Refill the transmission using Maytag transmission grease, part number 056080. This transmission grease can be purchased at

9. Using the RTV silicone gasket maker, make a new gasket for the transmission cover.

10. Place the cover back on the transmission and tighten the bolts.

This is how to repair Maytag washer agitators that lift up during wash. Thank you for using

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