reinstall lower spray arm

by Cathy

I removed the lower spray arm to remove possible clogging. I cannot reinstall it! I cannot get it to screw back in. I have a Kitchenaid KUDI02IRBT.

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Hi Cathy,

Replacement parts in WHIRLPOOL KUDI02IRBT0 Undercounter Dishwasher

There is a housing that goes between the wash arm and the pump housing that funnels water to the top wash arm. That housing has got to be correctly in place for the nut to go on a hold properly.

Also there is a hub that has got to be in place. If you took that hub off make sure you put it back.

If the click the link above, it will take you to the parts breakdown that will show the order of the parts if that helps.

Thank you,

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Re: lower spray arm
by: Anonymous

I think the black seal in embedded in the lower spray arm. Should I try to get it out and place it on the hub?
Thanks so much for your excellent help.

by: Shawn

There is a bearing at the bottom of the wash arm that has got to be in place. It sticks in the bottom if the was arm to provide a surface for the arm to ride on. I am not sure if this bearing is black or if the one you see is the one I am referring to. I hope you get this going.

Kitchen Aid Lower Spray Arm Reinstalled
by: Anonymous

I finally had to call a service person to reinstall the lower spray arm. He held the hub turn knob up with a plyers while pressing down on the spray arm and then slowly turning it. He got it back on and I will never remove it again. Thanks and hope this information helps someone else.

by: Shawn

Sorry I couldn't help.

Thanks for posting the results of the repair!!

It Sure Helped ME!
by: Anonymous2

I did the same thing-followed the other posters' advice and saved the cost of a service call altogether. Thank you for posting how this problem was resolved.

I thought I was crazy!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for that VERY helpful tip. I thought I was going crazy because I couldn't get it back on. Works perfectly again.

by: Anonymous

This helps thanks. After playing with it, I got it on, I think it was reverse threaded.

Re-connecting lower spray arm
by: Carol

Thanks for the help! I had trouble reattaching the spray arm, and ended up stripping the threads some. However, by holding the nut/screw up with a vise grips and pressing the spray arm down and rotating it (the spray arm) I got it to thread on well enough. It would bump the heater element or the metal brackets when I rotated it by hand, but it seems to lift up just enough when the water is spraying so it clears them and is OK.

Also - I found that just clearing the mess
(broken glass, gristle, grape stems, accumulated gunk, and who-knows-what) out from below the fine screen was good enough. I didn't bother opening the grinder housing - just cleared out the junk and then ran the dishwasher several times empty on long cycles ("heavy duty") with hot ("sanitizer") water.

And I won the cool Mom award for fixing the dishwasher myself!

Same issue resolved
by: G

Thanks for posting the solution of holding it up with pliers and turning slowly. I turned clockwise. First time I turned too far and it snapped and came loose. Second time, I turned about one rotation or less. That seemed to work.

by: Norm

Yeah! Another service call prevented! In fact, I was so concerned that I ruined the thread on the wash arm that I was about to buy another one for $50.00!

Anyway, lifting the knob with the pliers and slowly rotating the wash arm clockwise (for just a rotation or so) is all it took. I won't mess with it again, though... The thread is nearly completely gone!

Same thing
by: Anonymous

took a while but carefully was able to threat it back in. Thanks for the experiences. Your post made me try again until I got it to work. Hole up the nob with pliers and carefully turn.

Thanks -- same problem, your solution worked
by: Anonymous

I called Kitchenaid but the person I spoke with had no clue and only recommended a service call. I regretted taking the arm off to clean out some broken glass, but then I found this blog.

I read the advice and was able to hold the nut up with pliers to screw the arm back on (not too far). It seems very wobbly -- if you spin the spray arm around manually it bangs against the heater element, etc., but I think the water pressure makes it ride higher and firms it up. Maybe it was always like that and I never noticed.
Anyway, I ran the rinse cycle and it seemed to work smoothly and did not hear any banging.
Cheers !

Lower wash arm
by: Anonymous

Thanks for posting the issue. Same problem fixed it no problems.. Thank you.

I hope Kitchenaid fired the engineer that designed this threading system !!!
by: AnonymousLonnie

I too made the mistake of removing the lower spray arm Ion my Kitchenaid. I have never been able to thread the thing back on !!!! I have a lifetime of working on electromechanical equipment and this is absurd !!! Why would a reasonably competent mechanical engineer design something like this ? Maybe it was Halloween and a full moon !

Trouble but got it! Keep at it:)
by: Anonymous

I too had trouble with getting my lower sprayer back on my Kitchen Aid Dishwasher. I almost quit and called a repairman. But after looking at this site, I saw how so many people had problems getting this piece back on, so I took the advice and with a wrench, I held the piece up and with my other hand, I very slowly turned the sprayer clock wise, not even a whole turn. You have to be very patient! It is VERY frustrating. I had been working at this piece for an hour! Good Luch!!

by: Anonymous

I'm an hour into this and still CANNOT get the darn thing back on! Deep breath, going back for one more try. Your comments have helped!

replacing lower spray arm
by: Anonymous

We had the same issue and it was VERY difficult to put back on. BUT we used the advice of holding up the screw with a vice grip.. and turning that clockwise while pushing the spray arm counter clockwise and that helped lock it in.

by: Anonymous

Tried for hours to get the arm back on with no success until I read the comments here. Held the screw up with a pair of pliers and had my wife turn the arm clockwise slowly. Now on and works perfectly... won't take it off again...

thank goodness I found these comments
by: rose

My husband and I could NOT get the wash arm back on! I googled and found this site. I looked at the thread inside the wash arm (really, a 3/4 circle plastic ridge) and found that the leading edge was kind of mushed. So I used mini needle nose pliers to try to bring that part of the thread back together. Then I used the advice from here to pull up on the center part with pliers and slightly turn it counter clockwise as I turned the wash arm clockwise. I felt it fit in. The first time I wasn't sure it was on because I think I only turned 1/4 turn or less, so I kept going and went too far.

So I repeated the straightening of the threads and tried again, this time leaving well enough alone at 1/4 turn. I'm running a light load with just white vinegar & hope all turns out well!

Kitchenaid dishwaher
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all of your inputs. I did the same, removed the lower arm to clean it and could not put it back on the screw. After reviewing all of these comments, it saved a trip from the service man. I can rebuild engines but this gave me a real hassle.............

by: C. Jacques

Had the same problem, tried to clean the filter and was unable to re-install the lower spray. After an hour of trying, I decided to check the web. The solution, hold the knob with a plyer is awesome. thanks to those who share the solution. Save me from calling the repair man or buying another part that I thought perhaps I had broken. Thanks again. Much appreciated.

Kitchen aid dishwasher arm
by: Anonymous

This blog is a money safer! I could not get the arm back on and found this blog. Running a light load now. Thank God for this blog!

by: Anonymous

Before reading the advice, 1 hour of head banging. After reading less than 1 turn, clockwise, slowly, project was finished in 5 minutes.

Flawed design
by: DIYer2010

Thanks for the tips. I almost ordered a replacement thinking the tread had worn away.

Holding the Nut Up
by: LcoyoteS

I would like to add my thanks for posting this advice! This is indeed one of the worst designs for an appliance ever. I now hate cleaning the dishwasher more than any other chore.

Kenmore dishwasher 575-0
by: Robbin

I can't get the lower spray arm back on! I read the comments but that doesn't work for my dishwasher! I'm so poor I can't afford to Call a service man. So I tossed the pieces back in loose til I can hear from you. Been 4 hours & bloody knuckles trying to get the plastic parts back together. It's about 14 yrs old & has the plastic nut that won't go back in to the hub with wobbling! I'm on the verge of tears! 😭

Robbin post model number and I will try to help.

OMG! This was a year long frustration!
by: Anonymous

Thank you! Thank you! I had been fighting this thing forever—knew it had to be a simple fix but never got it done-until now! Much cursing along the way, much gratitude for y’all now. :)

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