GE MODEL GSS22JFMDCC SERIAL TD222409. the coils are clean. both temp controls set a max #9. The freezer top 2/3 is hot, bottom freezes. fridge is barely cool but freezes in the crisper drawer. the crisper drawer control is set at warmest setting. There is no frost build up in freezer or fridge. i don't notice any fan circulating air between sides. also the water dispenser does not work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...thanks much

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Hi Daniel,

This problem is caused by lack of airflow, which is more than likely caused by the fan in the freezer not running. During normal operation of a side-by-side refrigerator air will be forced through a damper at the top of the fresh food section then back into the freezer at the bottom of the fresh food section. If this airflow stops both the freezer and the fresh food sections will stop cooling. If the airflow stays off for a long period of time cold air from the freezer coils will start to seep into the fresh food section and freeze the water reservoir, causing the water dispenser to stop working. Also both sections will become colder at the bottom than at the top. This page will help GE Refrigerator Fan Diagnostics

Thank you,


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Aug 08, 2016

by: shawn

Hi Jose,

Most refrigerators only have two fans. In any case I was talking about the condenser fan (the one next to the compressor) and the evaporator fan (the one in the freezer). Some refrigerators have a fan in the fresh food section and some have one blowing on the ice-maker in which case all could be running when the compressor is not. However on that page that I refer to the main board I was strictly talking about GE refrigerators.

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