Refrigerator Temperature fluctuating and Ice keeps melting

We have a GE Profile Model#PCF25PGTAWW. The ice in the ice maker keeps melting off and on. THe temp of both the fridge and freezer keep going up.

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Your refrigerator has a dual evaporator system. What this means is it has two cooling coils rather than one as on conventional refrigerators. The point I am making is that since both the fresh section and the freezer section are having cooling issues the problem has got to be that the compressor isn’t running during the time that the temperature is rising.

There are three things that will cause the compressor not to run and they are the compressor, inverter or the main board. I have written a page dedicated to this problem on these models. GE ClimateKeeper Refrigerator Not Running Scroll down to variable speed compressor.

My first impression is that the main board is bad but I can’t say for sure until you run the test described on that page.

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Jul 27, 2014
Freezer Fluctuates between -7 and 38
by: Anonymous

I have a GE PFS22MIWBWW refrigerator that fluctuates as stated in the title. The condenser fan looks like it is barely running but I placed an external fan there and still have the same problem. I tested the J2-pin3 and J2-pin5 connections and got 13 volts and 3.85 volts. When the temp is rising in the freezer we seem to hear a buzz and a click every few minutes. It seems that when the temp reaches 38 the freezer starts cooling again until it gets to -7 and starts the process all over again.

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