Refrigerator not cooling

by Dan L.
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

My Refrigerator GE Profile model PFS22SISBSS stopped working. I did some research online on my refrigerator and found out that main circuit board of GE ref is faulty. When i removed the circuit board I found that there a couple of capacitor swollen and U14 chip is burned. I went ahead and replaced the board but now its not cooling. I followed the direction, and from the list of models I dont have to cut a wire.
So when I found your website, so I followed some of your suggestion. I also checked for thermistors, and they check good. I even went ahead and replaced run capacitor and still not cooling.
what else can I do?

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Hi Dan,

Replacement parts in General Electric PFS22SISBSS Refrigerator

What I need to know is…

Is the compressor running now?

Was the compressor running before the board was replaced?

Are the fans running?

Where the fans running before the board was replaced?

I am guessing with the swollen capacitor the low voltage side was too low or out completely. There is also a chance that the fan was shorted out and took out the old main board as well as the new one. Lets hope not but this can happen.

Thank you,

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by: Dan

No, i dont think that compressor is running. The fan is running though.

by: Shawn

If the fan next to the compressor is running but the compressor is not then the problem is in the main board, the start relay or the compressor. Lets assume the board is good since your just replaced it although I have put on a faulty main board before.

You need to know if there is voltage going to the compressor. There is a plug on the left side of the board that has three wires on it. Check from the wire marked J8 (or compressor) to J7-9 (Orange wire on the white plug). If the compressor is getting power then replace the start relay and if that doesn’t work the compressor is bad. If the compressor is not getting power and the fan is on the main board is faulty.

Main board fixed my GE fridge
by: John R.

Had the same issue with fridge not cooling, either the freezer or main compartment. Lots of clicking noises from the back of the unit on start-up as well. Changed the main board, a very simple process. It looked like the board was updated from the original as well as it had more relays on it. With this unit there were no wires to cut as per the instructions that came with the board. All going well now and just wanted to put the word out as this site was very helpful in my finding out what my issue was.

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