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by Katherine

I have a GE GSS22WGPE that seems to be dying a slow death. A couple of days ago we noticed that the fresh compartment was not cooling properly, but the freezer was working. The fresh compartment seems to be getting progressively warmer and now everything in the freezer is starting to melt. Does this sort of staged deterioration indicated what the problem may be? Any advice is appreciated.

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Hi Katherine,

It sounds like a defrost problem. What happens is that when a refrigerator will not defrost is that the frost slowly builds blocking airflow. The fresh food section is always suffers the most and is always the first to noticeably stop cooling. Then eventually the freezer will start to show signs that it isn’t working.

Look in the back wall of the freezer, if there is heavy frost on it you have a defrost problem.

Remove the back if the freezer and melt all the ice. The defrost heater is the most likely cause for this problem. If you have an ohmmeter you can test it. Disconnect power from refrigerator and disconnect the wires from the heater. Test for continuity across the heater. If it is open (electrically) replace it.

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This page will explain more GE Refrigerator Repair

Note that if the heater isn’t bad the next thing to check is the thermistors. The link above will explain how to check them.


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