refrigerator not cooling

by Troy Young
(Windsor, PA)

Our GE side by side is not cooling. The condensor fan and freezer fan are running. It seems to me the Compressor is not running, ie; no humming, all lines cold. I took out the relay and overload. The brown relay does not rattle but the overlaod does. I have looked at the motherboard and all "looks" well from what I can tell.

any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hi Troy,

If both of the fans are running and the compressor isn’t the main board is bad. The compressor should be running if both fans are running. To confirm disconnect power and look at the back of the board to see if there is a loose solder joint. Even if there isn’t I still believe you have a bad board.

Thank you,

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by: Troy

Yep, I took it off and there is a burned solder joint under the black box that reads Comp, or compressor.

side/side refrigerator problem
by: Anonymous

I have a side/side refrigerator Model #gsh 22jftaww and the refrigerator side is too warm. I have set the temp on9 as high as it will go. Party of and a novice, HELP se

by: Shawn/admin

Most likely it is a defrost problem. Start with this page GE Refrigerator Not Cooling.

There is a picture that shows what the back of the refrigerator will look like if there is a defrost problem.

GE refrigerator
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem, freezer fan and condensor fan are running but the condensor does not seem to be running. I replaced the relay and overload assy. but still no luck. I checked the voltage out of the relay and is reads 120volts. I also checked the condensor and there is no resistance between the pins. It's an older fridge (1998) and I cannot find a "main control board".

by: Shawn/admin

If you don’t have resistance between the pins on the compressor and you replaced the relay it is safe to say the compressor is bad.

This is not a do-it-yourself repair job. But at this point you may be better off replacing the refrigerator due to repair cost.

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