Refrigerator Ice dispenser not working

by Terry

I have a side by side GE refrig about 6 years old. The ice maker makes ice however the motor will not turn the auger. I have check and the cylanoid is working ok. I took the dispenser motor out and applied electrical current to it and it works fine also. Since the auger motor and cylanoid seem to be ok, what is my next try?

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Hi Terry,

Sometimes the auger motor will freeze up. When you took out the auger to connect it to voltage it may have unthawed. Put it back in and try it out and if it works just assume it was frozen.

If not check to make sure the door switch is working i.e the light turns on and off. If it is six years old and the door switch isn’t work the fresh food section will not be getting cold but check it anyway.

If don’t find anything give me the model so I can tell you what to check next.

Thank you,

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Ice dispenser still not working.
by: Terry

Model number TFX25JPCE WW
I put the dispenser back in and got the same results. The cylanoid switch is working but the augor motor is still not working. The motor worked good when I took it out an applied direct current to it. What do I do next?

Dispenser Board
by: Shawn

I am glad you gave the model number because this model is a lot older than you are thinking and my answer would be a lot different for a six-year-old model than for this one.

You are looking at a loose connection or a bad dispenser board. A bad dispenser board is more likely but look for a loose connection at the door hinge before replacing the dispenser board.

The link below takes you to a parts breakdown and on that first diagram take a look at part #39 that is the dispenser board I am talking about.

Replacement parts in General Electric TFX25JPCEWW Refrigerator

removing ice maker
by: Chas Iliff

My ice maker ran a bunch of water into the freezer and stopped making ice. It is a 2yr old Kenmore elite.

I am afraid to yank out the icemaker for fear of tearing or breaking the rubber grommet that appears to be the water supply connection in the upper right between the fridge and the icemaker. Do I have to turn off the water supply to the fridge before pulling the icemaker? Do I have to disconnect the water supply to the icemaker from the fridge before pulling the icemaker? Any help much appreciated.

Water Valve
by: Shawn/Admin

Taking the icemaker out will not disrupted that tube or the water line in any way. While you don’t have to turn the water off to take the icemaker out you may want to cut it off until you figure this out so that it doesn’t run anymore water in the freezer.

What typically causes this is the tube that comes into the back of the icemaker that feeds the icemaker water will fill (partially fill) with ice. When this happens water will leak. Sometimes it leaks on the floor and sometimes it leaks into the freezer such as yours.

Check the tube and if it is clogged with ice remove the ice and replace the water valve on the back of the freezer.

If the tube isn’t clogged the water valve is still the most likely cause but the icemaker can cause the same problem. Unfortunately the only way you will know for sure is to catch it in the act. If you do happen to catch it flooding your freezer unplug the freezer and if the water stops replace the icemaker and if it doesn’t replace the water valve. I recommend replacing the water valve rather than waiting for it to flood again.

Ice Bucket auger problems
by: Millard

I have a GE Hotpoint CSH24GRTAAA and the auger pushes out ice for a time and then just hums and no ice is emitted from the door.

When I manually turn the auger it works for a time and then hums again.

Could this be a control panel problem and if so what is the part number for this part?

Bad motor
by: Shawn

I believe auger motor itself it bad. Make sure there is not ice causing the motor to hang and if it is you may have an air leak such as a bad door gasket or the flap in the door may not be sealing. Otherwise the motor is bad.

The water, crushed & cube dispenser is not working
by: Renz

I have GE Hotpoint refrigerator with model #HSS25GFPJWW, The water, crushed & cube dispenser is not working but the swicth's light,Ice maker, cooling are perfectly working.

by: Shawn

One thing that will typically happen is that the when you try to dispense water/ice the lights will dim and the entire refrigerator will temporarily dim when you let off of the dispenser everything will work as normal. If this is the case the main board is bad.

Replacement parts in General Electric HSS25GFPJWW Refrigerator

ice maker problem
by: Anonymous

my child put a shot glass in the icemaker. it ground up the glass but now the icemaker no longer pushes ice out. the auger turns when there is no ice in despenser, but once the ice cubes are put in, the auger stops turning

by: Shawn/admin

There are a few of things that could have broken as a result of the glass. In most dispensers there is a plastic part called a helix or a drum that could have gotten broken. There is also a divider wall that separates the ice storage from the ice crusher and if that divider gets busted it will not dispense. Part of the glass may still be hung causing the dispenser to jam. What you will have to do is take the dispenser out and see if you can tell what is broken or jammed.

by: Anonymous

water comes out of water dispenser when trying to get ice, but no ice comes out. Auger is not turning

auger not moving
by: Anonymous

I have a gss25sgress and I just got it from a friend because the ice maker will not dispence ice. The water works the ice maker makes ice and food is cold or frozen. When I push the lever for ice to come out no ice is dispence, the motor does not make and attempt to move and the door makes one click noice and that is it. Any suggestions.>

by: Shawn/admin

When you attempt to dispense ice does the lights dim and does it sound like the fans cut off? If so replace the main board.

If not check for loose connections at the door plug at the hinge.

Dispenser or Main board?
by: Anonymous

I have a GE Profile Model # PSC23NSTC SS
Icemaker and water dispenser work but does not dispense ice. When I press the button the lights turn on the and the flap opens slightly, barely a crack. Motor does not make any noise. When I let go of the button the flap closes after couple seconds. Wires appear to be connected. Would this be the main or dispenser board? Could it be anything else?

by: Shawn/admin

There is a very good chance the solenoid that opens the flap is rusted and stuck. Access the door dispenser parts and you should see the solenoid that opens the flap. This link will help.

GE Dispenser Repair

Scroll down to the section titled Accessing Dispenser Door Parts On A GE Side-by-Side

Dispenser or Main board continued
by: Anonymous

Thanks for replying Shawn
I was able to remove the dispenser board and housing. The solenoid is a little rusty but not stuck and doesn't seem to be what is causing the problem. It might also help to mention that before it completely stopped dispensing ice it would dispense crushed ice even when it was on cubed ice. It did this for a couple weeks before it completely stopped working.
Also... I unplugged once for a few hours a couple weeks ago and when I plugged it back in I was able to get cubed ice out once before it stopped working again. Not sure if this helps.

ge ice dispenser not working
by: Anonymous

Folks, I had same problems discussed by some here. My GE side by side LSS25XSTE dispenser started acting quirky. Symptoms were at first sporadic operation with dispensing ice/water but still displayed temperature. There would be one click, a quick flash of zero or zeroes then nothing. After storm (Isaac) and power out for days, the problem remained when electricity was restored (hence nothing to do with freezing).

Then I came across a discussion about the three wire connection at the bottom of the freezer door, and how moisture got into the connection and screwed with the system. Sure enough, that was it.

Remove the plastic bottom grill and (after cutting off power) pull the wire out from under the box that connects to the freezer door. You'll see a white plastic connector but rather than diddle with it I cut it off after first noting which wire connected with which. I stripped the ends and joined 'em with plastic wire nuts (blue to blue, black to black, and red to white). Taped 'em for good measure. Problem solved.

Auger spins when no Ice
by: Anonymous

I have a question my GE side by side model GSS25QGTABB recently we came back from overseas and our ice make wont dispense ice. Took it out and when we empty the tray the auger spins but if there is ice it wont spin. Any help is appreciated.

Refrigerator ice dispenser not working
by: Bear1964

I have a kenmore3369554720 , replaced motor didn't help! I get water but no ice. Both motors just hum and you can hear the click but nothing happens. Is there anyone that can help? I think the time delay board is bad but have no way to check it. The light doesn't dim when trying to get ice, my moms disabled so I could use some help, she doesn't have the money to keep buying parts

by: Shawn/admin

That doesn’t seem to be a good model number. But it seems like the auger motor is actually running but there is something broken in the ice bin itself. This could be the auger, helix or the crusher cover. If you give your full model number I may be able to help more.

Rusted Auger
by: Anonymous

Hey Shawn, I have a GE profile fridge, model PTC22MFMALBB and the ice maker auger keeps rusting.

I've already replaced it once and I just noticed that it is already beginning to rust again. Are there any substitute augers that I can put in there besides the same one that will surely just rust again? I'd gladly pay the difference for a stainless one.


LG Fridge makes ice but does not dispence ice or waterIce
by: Anonymous

Model LSC27910TT
Replaced main contro board 6871JB1410N. Ice and water began dispensing again. Only used water dispenser for several days. On beginning to use ice dispenser heard a pop/crackle sound. Now neither ice or water will dispence again Replaced board again and after dispensing water for several days on trying to diAspense ice both ice and water dispensing functions stopped again.

Everything else works normally except dispenser light will not turn on each time dispenser breaks down and ceases working.

No sound when try to use dispenser. Makes ice but does not dispense.

Is there a component in the dispenser circuit that is making the components on the board fail?

If so what is the likely culprit component and what control board part(s) are likely damaged?

I want to replace culprit component and repair board myself.

Any help will be appreciated

Helpful website! Thanks

Ice Dispenser not working
by: Tina

I have 2006 GE Profile refrigerator, the dispenser will not work, the ice maker works fine. The lights all work, when you push button in there is no noise. Is it the dispenser board or the main board?

by: Anonymous

I have a Hotpoint Refrigerator model number HSS25GFPJWW and problem is the opposite of others on the page. All of a sudden my water dispenser will not shut off and the water will not stop. I had to shut the water supply

GE refrigerator PSS26SGrESS
by: Tita

GE refrigerator model PSS26SGRESS makes ice but does not dispense the ice. Please advice.

Ice maker not making ice
by: Anonymous

Whirpool Model ST3022031 Model #3ED2FHEXSS00
Water supply disconnected for 1 day and icemaker not making ice. How to solve problem?

Hotpoint CSX22GRZBWW
by: Anonymous

Model DT276261. My ice auger motor is making noise but it is not spinning. Any thoughts?

Auger motor
by: shawn

If the auger motor is humming but not turning with the ice bucket out the motor is bad or frozen.

Remove the motor and see if it is frozen with ice. If so remove all the ice and dry out the motor with hair dryer.

If it is not you may have a bad motor. Look for loose connections and if you don't replace the motor.

Rusted auger in GE side by side icemaker
by: Helen

I just went to get ice cubes for a glass of water and the cubes came out rusty. I found the auger was all rusty. Can just the auger be replaced? What would be the cost. It's a 1999 GE Profile and works perfectly.


Yes, the auger can be replaced. This page will help with that

GE Dispenser Repair

Thank you,

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