Refrigerator freezing food

by Ken Major
(Helena ,Alabama)

I have a GE PSS25MGMAWW side by side refrigerator that freezes food even when I set the control at 1. The setting even jumps up after awhile on it's own. Any ideas on why and where to start?

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Hi Ken,

Here are your Replacement parts in General Electric PSS25MGMAWW Refrigerator

The first thing you should check is the damper that controls airflow between the fresh food section and the freezer. This refrigerator has an automatic damper that opens and closes as need. Often the damper will break leaving the hole open all the time causing the temperature inside the fresh food section to get very low and cause the food to freeze.

The damper is located inside this housing at the top of the fresh food section. You have to replace the entire housing if the damper is broken.


Damper assembly, fresh food inlet cover kit

Unfortunately you have to take the thing out to tell if the damper is broken or not. To take it out you have to remove all the shelves out of the fresh food section and remove the air duct at the back.

If this is not broken there are fresh food thermistors that could be bad. The thermistors are located behind a little cover on the sidewall of the fresh food section. This page tells how to test them GE Refrigerator Repair

If all of this fails take the control panel off (where you adjust settings) and disconnect the wire form the panel. With the panel disconnect the main board should revert back to normal temperature 0/37. See if this corrects the problem and if so the control panel is bad.

I hope this helps!

Thank you,


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