refrigerator freezer to way to cold/tray keeps filling with ice

model number 53603201

freezer keeps overfreezing and tray fills with ice, then ice forms under bottom basket.

had a repair man put a piece of copper from the interior part into the drain hole and that solved the problem for about a week

what can we do?

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If the drain is clogged then you need to unclog it first. The best way I have found to do this is to force hot water down the drain with a turkey baser until water flows freely. Once water is flowing freely mix baking soda with water and pour it down the drain.

If you defrost heating element is metal then what he more than likely done is wrapped the copper wire around the element then put it in the drain. What this does is transfers heat to the drain form the element so that the drain will not freeze again. This should have taken care of the problem. However I almost never have to do this if the drain is good and clear. If the heating element is glass then the wire is not doing anything but partially clogging the drain remove it.

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