Refrigerator evaporator frosting over

by Doug

I have a GE Profile PSC25SGSCSS, a dual evaporator unit. It cools fine, but has started icing over the evaporator on the refrigerator side approximately every couple of weeks. I did panel diagnostics on the thermistors and they all pass.

I checked the thermistors under these conditions, the freezer temp is -4, refrigerator 33, evaporator in freezer is clear, evaporator in refrigerator is partially iced up.

J1 Pin to common

1 42.9K
2 17.2K
3 39.6K
4 49.2K

I was considering just replacing the refrigerator evaporator side thermistor and the evaporator fan. I can't seem to find part number for just the fan. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Hi Doug,

What I would do is check to see if the fresh food fan is running and if not run the diagnostics on this page GE Refrigerator Fan Motor Diagnostics

Read the section on Fresh Food Evaporator For Dual Evaporator Models

If the fan is running then I would replace the evaporator thermistor. The panel diagnostics is useless if you ask me and you can’t accurately test evaporator thermistor without removing it. I recommend replacing the thermistor and if that doesn’t work it is either an airflow problem (why you checked the fan) or the main board.
This page has more info that may be useful

GE Dual Evaporator Fresh Food Not Cooling

Thank you,

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