Refrigerator dripping on top shelf

by John
(Cuba, MO USA)

`leaks on top shelf...

I am aware that the drain tube is probably frozen OR clogged but I need a little more info:

I have a GE - model GTS18ICMBRWW (are all these necessary?) :)

Anyway, I was HOPING you had a service manual on this particular one and can TELL ME how to proceed?

I don't know how to get at this tube! I tried from the bottom but that didn't work.

Do I take the whole back off or the assembly in the refrigerator top with the lights and controls on it, or somehow somewhere in the Freezer itself?

I bought it used and there are two, about 2" square holes each, on the refrigerator section "ceiling" that were DUCT taped! (I think in hopes of cutting down the water drippings?)

I took the tape off and water DOES come out of the left one but I am leaving it off. Was there a grill or stopper on those once or anything?

Anyway, that's my problem and question(s)

ANY help will be most appreciated.

`Thing runs/cools good. Compressor make a bit or racket, but I have heard those run for years making noise.

I'm on social security so I don't have extra $$

Thank you!

Find your part:


The drain tube runs inside the refrigerator liner on this model. This means you will have to clean it out from the freezer. Take the back panel out the freezer. Once done you will see the coils and under the coils there will be a drain hole. This hole is most likely covered with ice if the drain is clogged. Remove the ice and use a turkey baser to force hot water down the drain until water flows freely. Then mix baking soda with water and pour it down the drain to prevent this from happening again anytime soon.

Also clean all the ice out of the air vents (2” holes you refer to and one in the center)with hot water (this will make a mess but it has got to be done).

I hope this helps!

Thank you,

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Here are a few details on how to remove the back panel.
by: Shawn

Hi its me again, just thought I would leave you a few more details as to how this is done.

First remove the air duct tower in the center of the freezer. To do this pop off the little cover on the duct that is on the ceiling of the freezer. Once you pop the cover off there will be two screws remove them and remove the duct.

Once done there will be two screws revealed for the center tower remove them. Once the screws are out lift straight up on the tower and it should come off.

Now you can remove the two screws in the top corners of the back cover and it should come right off.

by: John

Your tips were immeasurable to my being able to say... the ice dam has busted! :)

You saved me all kinds of headaches and I think you VERY much!

The second "extra mile" tip is what made it easy.

Patience was key and after multiple applications and mop ups, it drained fine. I put a little extra through and it seemed fixed!

(I didn't pull it out and check the back pipe exit cause it seemed to drain so well), but...
IF I have a problem again, I know what to do THANKS TO YOU!

What a great little corner of the internet universe you have here!

Thanks so much;


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