refrigerator compressor not shutting off

by Karen

The compressor on our side by side refrigerator is not shutting off unless we force a defrost. we think it might be the temperature controler for the freezer but am not sure. the unit is holding temperature in both freezer and frigerator.

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Hi Karen,

I can’t tell you for sure without the model number but the fresh food control is what would cause this type of problem.
Before you replace the part you need to know if you actually have a problem or if the problem is the control or something else.

First off all if the refrigerator is cooling properly and the compressor will not turn off because of the control the food in the fresh food section will start to freeze. If things are freezing in the fresh food section replace the fresh food control.

If the food isn’t freezing in the fresh food section then you may have a cooling problem. Check the fan in the freezer to see if it is running and if not, replace it.
If the fan is ok check to see if freezer coils are covered in heavy frost and if so you have a defrost problem.

If you don’t find anything you will have to check temperatures in the freezer and fresh food to see what may be going on.

This page will help if you have a cooling problem Refrigerator Not Cooling

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Oct 11, 2012
defrost problem
by: kapil

i have a whirlpool frost free (double door) refrigerator. It have the automatic defrost problem. I had changed thats all parts -defrost timer, thermostate, heater etc. But it have same problem. Please give me some solution.

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