Refrig metal arm does not push ice out

by Raul
(Mckinney, TX)

My sears 106.54586400 makes ice (it was replaced 1 yr ago; refrig is about 5 yrs) but the metal arm does not turn; does not push ice out the door after pushing the ice button on door. When I push the ice button, light indicator comes on but nothing else... no noise, etc.

I am senior citizen and I can use some help....

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Hi Raul,

We can assume since you cannot hear any noise that the problem is electrical. The first thing to check is the connection at the door. At the door hinge there is a plug, make sure it hasn’t come loose there.

Next there is a switch that the lever that you press the cup against activates. There are three things that will typically happen to cause this switch not to work.

One the pegs that hold the switch in place will break off so the switch is dangling. To fix this you will have to replace the housing that holds the switch in place.

The lever that you press the cup against will often break or rather the plastic tab on the refrigerator door will break off and the lever will no longer activate the switch. If this happens you will have to install a repair kit part number 8201756 it is called a broken tab repair kit and I have to replace them on these refrigerators often.

The switch itself could be bad however this is uncommon. If you don’t find anything else check or replace the switch. To check the switch you will have to remove it and check it with an ohmmeter.

This page will help you with accessing the dispenser door parts, read the section on Whirlpool dispenser door access. Ice Dispenser Repair

Thank you,

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