refridgerator not ejecting ice

by Andrea
(montrose co)

my kenmore elite model 106.55203400 refridgerator will make ice but does not eject the ice.

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Hi Andrea,

The first thing we need to do is figure out if it is a mechanical or electrical problem. If it makes noise with you attempt to dispense ice the problem is mechanical and if you don’t hear any noise the problem is electrical.

If the problem is mechanical dump your ice out and visually inspect the ice bin. What you are looking for is something broken or busted. Before you go any further press the door switch by hand and press the cradle that dispenses ice. This is to see if the motor (fork) under the dispenser will turn. If it is turning you know the problem is in the ice bin and if it will not turn but it makes noise the motor is most likely bad.

If the problem is electrical the first thing to check is the switch in the door. Pop the dispenser front off and you should see a switch mounted on the left hand side in the housing. I have seen this switch break off of the mount, which would cause your problem. So, if that switch is just hanging from the wires you will have to replace the housing. If not check the switch with an ohmmeter.

Thank you,

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