Oven shuts off prematurely - even when timer is not set

by Rich Jones
(Tampa Florida)

GE Trutemp model JKP15B0A2BB shuts off after turned on even if timer is not set. Then if it is turned backed on and set 325 or less it will stay on. If it is set at 400 it will only stay on for a minute.
I am wondering if its the thermostat or sensor. And if I would be able to repair it.

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If the oven were cutting off completely (which is what I believe you are saying) I would say the control board is bad. There is a hi-limit switch that will cut off the oven if the control compartment gets too hot. But as far as I know that thermostat is non-resetable meaning once it trips the oven will not come back on until you replace it. There is a slim chance this switch is causing the problem.

If the oven is simply saying that it is preheated to quick (before it reaches temperature) but continues to stay on just not hot enough the problem could be the sensor. If you have an ohmmeter check the sensor. It should be close to 1100 ohms at room temperature and if not replace it. If the senor seems to be ok replace the control board.

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