No water on the rinse cycle

by Manny
(Atlanta, GA)

I have Whirlpool Quiet Partner I dishwasher and it works fine on the start cycle but when it comes to the rinse cycle, no water comes in. Any ideas where to start?

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Hi Manny,

You can assume that the water valve is ok because it works on start. There is something wrong with the controls. If you give me your model number I will try to find a wiring diagram so that I can tell you things to check.

Thank you,

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same problem
by: beckers

whirlpool dishwasher DU920GWDBO, washed the load last night just fine, went to bed only to find in running. In rince cycle, with no water. Will just kick on and hum, kick off, start again, but never finishes the load. Any suggestions? Desperate, family of six, Need dishwasher!!!

by: Shawn

Your washer should have a pressure switch, which could be bad or your water valve could be bad. The only way to know for sure is to start a cycle and check voltage at the water valve and if you have voltage and there is no water coming to the washer then the water valve is bad. If you do not get voltage then I would look at the pressure switch.

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