No Heat after switching to a 4 prong

by Laura

I upgraded my homes wires for safety and ran a four wire 220 line to my dryer. I switched the plugin to a four prong and the dryer cord to a four prong. I took the white wire that was bolted to the dryer body and attached it to the spot for the white wire along with the white wire from the four pronged plugin. Everything looks great, just like in the pictures. All bolts are tight.

My problem is now the dryer will not heat. It puts out a little heat but that's it. The drum still turns. Another strange thing is that it makes a little buzzing/rattly noise.

I checked the plug in and I am getting 220 volts to the dryer. Do you know why my dryer would stop heating. It worked fine before.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Hi Laura,

Only do electrical testing if you are comfortable doing so and know how to use electrical testing equipment.

Since you just done electrical work I would test for voltage before proceeding to checking the dryer. If you have a voltage tester, check voltage at the plug. You should have 220V between the two hot wires (red and black). You should get 110V from each hot wire to the neutral wire (center/white). If you don’t have the correct voltage then you may have something wrong in the switch box or a loose wire.

I know you say you already done this but to eliminate a loose connection do it with the dryer running. If there is a loose connection you will get voltage with the dryer unplugged and it will drop out when the dryer is running. Also you not only need to check from each hot wire to neutral because sometimes the meter will read 220V but you will not get voltage to neutral this is a loose connection as well.

I assume you have looked at this page but just in case

Dryer Cord Installation

If you get the correct voltage give the model number to the dryer and we will go from there.

Thank you,

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