new dryer not as hot as old

by Matt

This is a strange story/question, but I need to find out what is happening, so any help/insight is appreciated.

I had an Admiral dryer (lnc7766, capacity plus) that I bought through Ward's in 2000. It worked great. I would set it on a timed dry (never more than 60 minutes) and the clothes would dry and come out hot to the touch, which is what I wanted.

The dryer thermal fuse gave out and the washer seemed to be having some problems, so after 10 years, I thought I would replace them. I bought a Maytag Centennial (7 cu ft drum), and the clothes just never seemed to completely dry. I replaced the Maytag with
a Hotpoint (GE) (6 cu ft drum) and the result was a little better, but the clothes would never come out hot to the touch (I would open the door and check the clothes before the cool down cycle would begin).

So my question is, has something happened to dryers in the last 10 years to cause this difference? I really would like to get a dryer that performed the same way my original Admiral did.

Thanks for any help with this.

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Hi Matt,

I am not going to say that the older dryer wouldn’t get hotter than the newer dryer but all three should have dried fine unless there was something wrong. I am not trying to get smart with you but when they designed the machine they were not concerned with if the clothes were hot when they came out only that they would be dry.

One thing I would like to point out is the thermal fuse is designed to go out when the dryer overheats there is a chance that the old dryer was getting too hot.

The point is that if the new Hotpoint dryer is drying the clothes I wouldn’t worry about if they were coming out hot or not.

Thank you,

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new dryer not as hot as old
by: Matt


Thanks for your reply. I know that my question
seems odd, but I've been frustrated with the performance of the Maytag dryer. After many adjustments of the vent (at the direction of the repairman), I though that this may just be a lemon. But then I read a list of reviews from Lowe's customers who had purchased the Maytag Centenniel and these were generally unfavorable. So, this is what started me to wonder if there has
been a change in dryer temperature/design.

Anyway, thanks for your reply.


Hot enough?
by: Anonymous

I like the comment with the one tech. Yes I wouldn't worry about the clothes coming out hot but dry.

There are some some changes in the new dryers for sure. One main one is that the size of the elements are about 1/2 the size and yes some of the older dryers like Kenmore used that were actually made by Whirlpool had very large elements compaired to the later versions of the same dryer.

Maytag varies on their newer dryers as far as their heating elements go. Maytag used to have heater boxes inside that would get extremly hot! The thing to look at is the "High Limit Thermostat". L-240 to L-290 is the range of thermostats I use and mainly on anything Whirlpool oriented. Maytag has their own HL thermostats that has a different range and that's where you need to look at if your having problems only.

Your vent ducting is most important. If you do not have proper vent flow your dryer turns into an oven and ages your dryer with too much heat building up and wears everything out. Air has to flow outward through the vent. Control thermostats is another issue and that controls the heat going through the exhaust. After working with 1000's of dryers can you determine what exactly is going on. As long as your dryer is not taking too long to dry being usually 20-50 minutes on a heavy load then your dryer is doing it's job.

Recommendation of a whirlpool dryer with a Hi limit l-240 thermostat
by: Matt

Thanks for the reply, and sorry for not responding earlier.

Can you give me a recommendation of a Whirlpool dryer that has the l-240 or l-290 thermostat
that you mentioned? I think if I could get
that dryer, my problems would be solved.

Thanks again!

Whirlpool Gas Dryer
by: Anonymous

Gas dryer takes twice as long to dry clothes as my electric dryer.
I checked the clocking of the gas meter and .5 cuft takes 2 minutes 30 seconds; this equates to 12,000 Btu's. The dryer is rated at 22,000 Btu's.
I checked the venting/OK
Main gas line is 1.25", dryer taps off with 1/2" IPS.
Ignitor and flame sensor ok. Burner stays on the entire dry cycle.
Tried on both sensor-dry and timed dry on HIGH.
Why am I only getting half the heat?
Thank You

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