molds odor

by ellen

i recently got a refrigerator from a friend, but it was in a bad condition, it has molds inside because they left foods inside for how many weeks...i cleaned it with water and bleach and then warm water with soap, open the door for how many days to get rid of the smell..i even put baking soda..the refrigerator works good but the smell is still can i get rid of it..

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Hi ellen,

I have never been through this personally (at my home) but I have been told that charcoal works really well for absorbing odors. Try setting a few trays of charcoal in the refrigerator and in the freezer for a day or so.

I have heard the same about newspaper but I don’t know which one works best. One guy I know runs an apartment complex and he swears by the charcoal. In the apartments a lot of times the people will leave food in the refrigerator and get the electricity turned off and he says that the charcoal gets rid of the odors.

This isn’t something I have see work first hand so if you try it let me know how it turns out.

Thank you,

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Clearing out nasty, lingering odors in refrigerator/freezers
by: Jamie

I recently had to deal with this problem as well....

We have a side by side in the garage that is used mostly for long term storage, so it doesn't get a lot of action.

The outlet that it was plugged into gave up the ghost for some unknown reason, and no one even noticed that the fridge was without power for a couple of weeks. Being routinely in the 90s here this time of year, our garage spends most of the day at 100 degrees or higher - I don't think I need to elaborate on the solid wall of rotten odor waiting for us when we opened the freezer door.

Anyway, once the fridge was cleared out and scrubbed with every cleaning product known to man, the smell was still amazingly bad. We placed the following items randomly throughout the fridge and freezer: A few pie tins of activated charcoal (like that used for fish tanks), lemon wedges, dryer sheets (I used Bounce, but I don't think it matters), and one big box of baking soda in each side. We plugged the fridge back in, shut the doors, and left it running overnight. I thought for sure that it would take at least a few days for any improvement, so i was shocked when the smell was completely tolerable, and actually almost pleasant, after one night.

In fact, I gave the fridge to a friend the following day, letting it run overnight again. I didn't mention the incident to her until we had the fridge plugged in and loaded in her kitchen - She hadn't picked up on any odor at all, and still hasn't noticed any residual two months later. I'm not sure which item, or combination of items worked, but it definitely did the trick. Cheers!

Great odor-be-gone combination!
by: Shawn/Admin

I am glad to hear you saved this refrigerator. I have known for people to throw away refrigerators for this reason. I wish we knew what actually worked but hey something worked!

You think you can get a patent for this combination lol.

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