Maytag won't wash, timer is running

by Nik

Maytag probably 10 years old
model LAT 5005AAE
120 V /745 G

I turn the selector knob to wash, the washer will start filling, the timer runs and it sounds like the machine is in the wash cycle, but it is not agitating. The timer will continue running through it's cycle, and the knob shows the movement. I can hear the sounds that should coincide with the action in the tub, and the clicks to signal each cyle of the wash,rinse, spin cycle. The knob will end up at off- to show a complete wash but when I lift the lid, the tub is full of water.

Today, I did remove the agitator, removed screw at the base of the agitator, so I could see the washer tub, and the screens. I cleaned those gently, a little clogged, but not badly. Put everything back, and checked the balance of the machine, then started a wash cycle--- no change. Fills, timer runs, cycles click, and knob turns. Timer cycle completes with a tub of water and dirty clothes.

I did do a no-no. With the selector knob pulled out, not pushed in as usual to select cycle, I turn it through the wash cycles. When it hits a cycle, like wash, or rinse, or spin, for an instant it seems to "make contact" somewhere and act like it's going to agitate and wash, but it clicks off and just sits there with the timer running.

Any thoughts... Was leaning toward the water level switch, but I really don't know. Just the gal who does laundry, and failing at that. Help

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Hi Nik,

First thing you will need to do is remove the water from the tub. Then lean the washer over to view the two belts so that you can see if the belts are broken or bad and if so replace them.

Often on this model a rag will enter the water pump. The pump is sort of clear so sometimes you can see the rag through the pump but if not you will have to remove the hoses to check if pump is clogged. Be ready for water even if you dipped the water out by hand because you will never get all the water. If you remove the hose and no water comes from the tub then there may be a rag hung at the drain nipple at the bottom of the tub. If this is the case remove the hose from the bottom of the tub that connects to the pump and see if there is anything clogged there.

Thank you,

Here is a link to your replacement parts for your washer.

Replacement parts in MAYTAG LAT5005AAE Washer - Top Loading

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a thanks
by: Niki

Thanks... I'm going to give this a try tomorrow and see what I find out, and will post my good or bad luck with it.

I would be thrilled to find it this simple!

Thanks again for your time.

by: Niki


tipped it and checked the belts. They look fine.

Sucked out the fuzz and lint that was trapped and set it back up.

Took off the front panel, and removed the hoses from the tub. A few small chunks blew out with the leftover water, but nothing big. Flushed the lines and reattached. Cleaned the shell out, as there was evidence of lots of mouse traffic! Nothing though looked chewed, etc.

Put the panel on, plugged it in- and started the cycle. It filled--- and that was it. ?

Any other thoughts. It seems to fill, will rinse, and will spin-- but it will not wash or agitate.

Thanks anyone.

by: Shawn

Lets clear a few things up so I know we are on the same page.

Ok so you are saying now it pumps out but before it didn’t correct?

But it still will not agitate correct?

Now it is spinning correct?

What I need to know is if the main motor is running when it should be agitating or not. This will determine if it is a mechanical problem or an electrical. Before I was assuming it was mechanical because you said it sounded like it is working but I need to know for sure. With the front off it should be easy to tell if the motor is running or not.

sorry for any confusion
by: Niki


The washer will fill to the appropriate level- full or half load with no problem.

Once full, I hear the click to signal a wash cycle- but will not wash. The timer sounds like it's running, and the selector knob will advance through the wash cycle, but I would guess, with the silence, that means the motor is not running.

IF I leave the machine on- and spin the selector knob very slowly through each cycle, it will "engage" that cycle- except for the wash cycle. So hit spin and I hear one second of spin and it shuts off. Sometimes if I pull out on the selector dial so it's not flush against the machine as I turn the knob, I have better luck getting the machine to rinse or spin.

So, turn it on, it fills

turn the dial to wash-- nothing.
turn the dial to spin-- it may or may not spin--
turn the dial to rinse, it may or may not fill to rinse---

If I turn the machine off, and turn the knob to select a wash cycle, rinse or spin-- nothing will happen. The only time I get any reaction is if the knob is on and I continuously slowly turn the knob through each cycle. If I do this enough times, I might get lucky and the machine will spin the water out and drain with no problem.

Does that help. I'm sorry for the confusion.

by: Shawn

Ok, now I believe you have an electrical problem. I was thinking at first you were saying it sounded normal but no was action. Now I realize you were just saying the timer was clicking normally.

From what you have said I can narrow it down to the timer or the water level switch. If you have an ohmmeter you can figure out which one. If you don’t all you can do is guess. You can look at it two ways the water level control is cheaper but the timer is much more likely. So you can go for cheaper or more likely.

If you have an ohmmeter fill the tub with water. Then unplug the washer and access the control. If you are looking at the control panel from the back the water level switch is going to be at the far right hand side. There should be three electrical terminals on the switch unplug them all (be sure to remember where they go back). With the tub full of water there should be continuity from the terminal marked 7 and the terminal marked 16. If not replace the switch and if so replace the timer.

Also one more thing, you mention mice and the other day I worked on a washer that a mouse had chewed a wire in half. Make sure it isn’t something like that.

One last thing just so you don’t replace a part unnecessarily if the main motor is hung you will hear a faint humming noise. This is something you may not hear if you don’t know what you are listening for. When the washer should be agitating make sure the motor isn’t making any noise. If it is take the belts off and see if it will run without the belts. If the motor is hung we are back to a mechanical problem so let me know.

You are wonderful!
by: Niki

Thanks so much for the info. May take some time for me to get this sorted out-but as soon as I do, will let you know what I find. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

by: Niki

Thank you for all your help. I finally was able to test with an Ohm reader. It was the timing switch. Ordered that part- whew, pricey! Works like the old gal she was once again.

Great site. Great help. Thanks.

by: Shawn

I am glad you got it going!!

Same identical problem with LAT6914AAM
by: Raymond

As a result of a internet search I ran across this description of the identical problem that I am experiencing. Hopefully, I will have the same luck and be able to resolve the malfunction in my washer.

First thing to check!
by: Rob from White Bear Lake

Is the buttons on the machine. I spent 2 1/2 hours looking at posts and taking apart my washer before finding out the spin / wash speed was only half depressed. Worked like a charm when I pushed the button in all the way! Feeling a little dumb, but maybe someone else won't be buying a new machine because of the same issue!

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