maytag mgdb400vq

by olu
(antigua, caribbean)

dryer buttons and touchpad settings lights go on when selected. start/pause button flashes. when it is pressed nothing happens. no time on display. just beep. did diagnostic test. got F20. what is the problem?

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Hi Olu,

I couldn’t find a tech sheet on that model. I know the model number is correct but Maytag apparently don’t have the tech sheet in their on-line database.

I am assuming you have the tech sheet since you ran the diagnoses and if so let me know what F20 means according to the sheet.

This diagnostics is a self-diagnostic system over half of the time I feel I am better off diagnosing without the help of the diagnostic system but some models are set up so that you almost have to use the self-diagnostics.

Self-diagnostics aside the most likely things that will cause this type of problem is the door switch and the hi-limit thermostat.

I will try to help more if you can tell me what the tech sheet says the F20 stands for.

Thank you,

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maytag gas dryer
by: olu

f20= no power to igniter relay. make sure wire is firmly fitted on relay.

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